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About the app:
HELP! Is a mobile app that is designed to save lives through a stunningly, innovative use of technology. But how can HELP save lives?

HELP is designed to automate how we summon and receive critical, emergency, medical assistance. HELP automatically calls emergency medical response teams, summoning the exact help needed in the life-threatening moments when time, even seconds can make the difference for a life to be saved. But HELP goes further, it will tell the emergency response team where the patient is, in the street, home, shopping, anywhere.

HELP will even find the nearest medical professional to the emergency. HELP is the first app to bring the power of today’s technology by connecting medical personnel and community directly within a dedicated network.

HELP console is a ground breaking Disaster management system, able to connect thousands of emergencies and countless numbers of Emergency personal and volunteers simultaneously so that the community are aware and can prepare and manage Emergency situations.

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