100 garden party deco ideas for unforgettable summer experiences


We can hardly believe that a few weeks ago there was snow and cold and now summer time is almost here. Incredibly beautiful! However, this weather causes many side effects: to a happy mood, positive energy outburst, desire to lie under the sun and to celebrate the long warm evenings. They would love to picnic again and have a barbecue in the woods or in the park with friends. If there is a lake near you, it would also be a great opportunity to entertain and gather your complexion. And the best and easiest way is to have a garden, where you can enjoy all these activities.

Your own garden is like a small oasis in the middle of the city or outside of it. On the one hand, this is a very private place where you could invite close friends. On the other hand, it is laid out in the open and offers a fresh atmosphere and enjoyable moments.

Have you already started to plan the next garden party? From early spring to late summer, and even in autumn, people like to party at any occasion in the garden. Here is one thing of particular importance, which we want to take into account here: the right one Garden party decoration , First of all, we collect ideas for what parties you can organize here:

Accents at the garden party decoration:
Candles and fresh flowers for the perfect romantic and festive atmosphere

  • motive Party : Harry Poter, Hollywood party, with exotic motifs, Jungle, “Glow in the dark” and many other ideas in pictures can be found in our picture gallery
  • Birthday party: You are also welcome to organize a motif party – e.g. a Disney party for kids birthday party or retro party for adults. Otherwise, however, depending on the age and preferences of those present, you can come up with different games and dance challenges
  • Wedding celebration: A cozy celebration in the vicinity of closest family members and friends would be better than any sumptuous restaurants and halls
  • Spring party: You have already done the spring cleaning and the garden is full of green and fresh for the new season. The weather is getting warmer and invites you to barbecue in the garden, to chill and to talk with friends – if that is not a reason to celebrate!
  • Fall Party: The last party of the garden season must also be generous!
  • You are in the mood for DIY projects and like to make decorations? A party would be the perfect way to demonstrate your professional skills in garden decoration.
  • Romantic party for two: Celebrate your anniversary for two in the garden – the awakening of nature also awakens the passions in the love relationship, so surrounded by the fresh ambience of the garden you will feel like being in love again.
  • Anything that comes to mind as a cause for celebration is still suitable here. Celebrating life would be a great idea! Well … let’s go to the garden party decoration ideas.

Party decorations for every occasion

Let’s start with the garden party decoration with the lighting at. This gives you the opportunity to use the Christmas lights in the summer – great, not! This time you can decorate the flowering trees with it or hang the lights on the fence, hang it over the table (if that would be possible in space) and realize thousands of other ideas. Imagine how beautiful your table decoration will be if you let the lights go down the table from one side to the other as a glowing thread!

Recycle the Christmas lights in the summer

But apart from the lights, we can not limit ourselves, because the sea of ​​decorations and designs for the garden knows no bounds. On the picture below you can see one of the several picture examples we want to show you. So here the tree is used as the basis of the decoration, which would be a nice idea if you have orchard. Decorating all trees with a few lanterns would turn your yard into a fairytale place. With the candles and lamps, you should do something more cautious with the trees, because these can be dangerous in the stronger wind. Nevertheless, it pays off to do the glowing decorations again and again.

Garden Party Deco lighting on the fruit tree

Lanterns to the bright and beautiful atmosphere in the garden

These different types of lanterns look ordinary during the day, but then in the evening they become a unique decoration that can make any party seem unique.

As we have already mentioned the theme parties, here should be mentioned an idea: the garden party decoration you can a certain colour to choose with all their nuances. For example, the fine pink that would be perfect for the girls’ birthday party, blue – the color of the sky, yellow or yellow-green as a fresh color blend that resembles the surrounding nature. Next: purple, red, white (more for wedding parties), orange or a rainbow party, all of which include crass or pastel colors.

A melons party

Ice as motif of the garden party decoration – because in the summer there is nothing better than this cold, melting sweet

Easy DIY ideas

Simple but beautiful and colorful decoration in the garden

Making mini lamps made of paper and decorating with candles – now you have a perfect elegant garden atmosphere

Making your own garden decoration – DIY ideas delight the guests and testify to their creativity

White and Red: The elegant decoration contrasts with the robust garden style

Pinata – for the birth of your child you would really enjoy it with such a surprise party

Colorful garden party decoration for children’s birthday party

A delicious cake will not only decorate the table nicely, but will also have the ability to disappear

“Welcome” party for a friend – cool idea, not!

Garden Party Deco – Accent on the details: fresh flowers from the garden, candle, tablecloth in pink and box by table – simple and creative

Make a birthday party yourself – collect more ideas here

Make colorful paper decoration yourself – an inspiring DIY idea for crafting paper

Use flower pots as a bowl – what do you think?

Immerse yourself in our world of picture ideas – here we have about 1001 unique suggestions for you

Garden Party Decoration in Scandinavian style – the art of Hygge in your garden

Suffer nostalgia for the old days – no problem here is an 80s garden party idea

If the 80s are too colorful and hectic for you, choose for party 90 or make a mix of the two

The games in the garden are fun for both children and adults

Who says a party should be crazy, it can also be the talk of a tea party – in the garden everything is possible

Elegant decorations in the garden for a cozy party with family and closest friends

For the good mood of the guests do not forget to serve champagne, wine or cocktails, preferably in combination with sweets such as chocolates and fruits

You do not have a garden? And no innumerable friends? Ok, then you could just enjoy the beautiful summer evenings on the terrace with 1, 2 or 3 of all the best people

No garden, no terrace … so what? Just have a picnic party!

But back to the garden party decoration – we find this idea unique!

Every little girl would be delighted to have a pink tent in the open air, where various fairy tales can be played

“Glow in the dark” – garden party deco idea

Carnival in the yard – why not!

Jungle theme party itself arrange for the children – the boy really likes this idea

Beautiful idea for the 30th birthday party – Hollywood Party

Donuts party for the 18th birthday – just pay attention to the amount of donuts

Garden Party Decoration for the “big day”

Accent on the details: beautiful DIY candle holders

Design the fence like an exotic island – so you can celebrate the summer every day

These two mirrors look very unsightly at first glance. Look again – they create a confusing effect at a party, visually enlarge the garden and are just cool

Making decoration from stones – creating something from nothing is really an art form

Colorful garden party deco in green and yellow – the lemons serve as decorative elements here

What a magnificent design … this design costs a lot of money, time and effort, but the end effect is definitely worth it

The table decoration

The lighting

What do you prefer:
a wonderful pool party or cozy evening for two?

Transform the Garden into Wonderland by Alice

Cozy evenings

Welcome to our realm of ideas – do you like our suggestions? Do not hesitate to send us an email or message on Facebook and Instagram

Hammock, pink mini house, floor cushions and colorful decorations give the children great pleasure

A “Candy” party – decoration with accents on the balloons

DIY instructions in pictures, how to make such a paper flower yourself – replacement of the real flowers

Muffins as decoration for the feast

Add an extra tin of exoticism in the garden with oriental garden party deco

Magnificent and luxurious like a 1001 nights fairytale

Some decoration ideas in this context

A motive party in red

Birthday party deco ideas

Home-made decorations

Celebrating a birthday party in the garden is a great idea for young and old

A cocktail requires a choice garden party decoration

Decorating the food as decorations – nice ideas

Sunflower – garden party deco suggestion

Turn the garden into a magical place where fairies, princes and princesses live – children will appreciate it

The garden as a place for cozy parties with the dearest people

Flamingo Festival

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