114 stylish and modern garden ideas for inspiration


A stylish and cozy garden invites you to relax and linger. Here are some great garden ideas that will help you transform the outdoor area into a small oasis!

Garden Ideas: Comfortable seating for more comfort and well-being

In the outdoor season, we spend a lot of time in the garden. So that we can enjoy the nice weather and the sun quietly, there should not be missing a comfortable seat there. But how do you choose the right furniture for your garden?

  1. Comfort, design and functionality: the garden is an extension of your own home. Therefore, if you choose the outdoor furniture, you must follow the same criteria as when choosing your interior furniture.
  2. Purpose: Think about the purpose that your garden must fulfill: is it one? Place to entertain , a place to relax or maybe both?
  3. Size: Find furniture that matches the size of your garden. If there is not much space, for example, choose furniture that is foldable. Modular outdoor furniture is also a practical solution as it consists of individual parts and offers various design possibilities.
  4. Material: Garden furniture is exposed to the weather all year round. Therefore invest in furniture that is robust and made of weather-resistant materials.

Garden Ideas: Fire pit for an endless summer

After the hot summer days, cool nights often follow and the nearer the end of the season comes, the cooler they get. If you want to enjoy longer the open air and the beautiful nature, you can create a fire pit in the garden. It will not only radiate pleasant warmth in the cooler evenings, but will also provide for better ambience and comfort. It will be a great decoration element and a place of attraction for the whole family to sit and talk.

Vertical Garden: Bringing nature into the small gardens

The vertical gardens are a relatively recent trend in garden design. They are very space-saving and offer the possibility to grow many plants on a small area. The vertical gardens have a refined, modern look and are a stylish decorative element. They are the perfect solution for small gardens where there is little room for plants.

You can easily do a vertical garden yourself. Use plants like:

  • Adiantum
  • snowdrop
  • Hoary Purpurglöcken
  • Lily grape
  • Japanese Ysander
  • Fruits like strawberries
  • different herbs

Evergreen shrubs and hedge plants for a cheerful atmosphere even in winter

The leaves of most trees and shrubs fall off in winter and the native garden loses much of its beauty. Luckily, there are shrubs and hedge plants that are not bare in winter and ensure a happy atmosphere even in the cold season:

  • Boxwood: The boxwood is a very adaptable plant. It is easy to care for and can be easily formed in various ways.
  • Holly: The holly is characterized by its green or colorful leaves and their red or yellow berries. Here it is important to know that there are male and female varieties. In order for you to have fruits in the fall, you must be bred next to each other.
  • Rhododendron: The rhododendron is a magnificent, evergreen shrub. It has dark green leaves and pink, white, purple, yellow and even bicoloured flowers. The rhododendron looks really stunning, so many gardeners plant it next to the front door.
  • Gardenia: The gardenia is a shrub with shiny, dark green leaves and deliciously fragrant white flowers. There are many types of gardenias. Most varieties are but about 1.50 inches high and wide.

Small pond for positive mood and pure relaxation

A pond in the garden is a great addition to any garden. It is a visual highlight and (especially when combined with a small waterfall) it can significantly increase the feel-good factor. The slippery water ensures good mood and pure relaxation. It has a positive effect on the nervous system and offers relaxation for all senses. But a pond in the garden has some advantages. He:

  • Attracts wildlife such as birds, bees, dragonflies and others. at;
  • reflects the sunlight and thus ensures a cooler temperature in its environment.

Led lighting for more safety and comfort

Many people do not think about lighting when designing their garden. Actually, however, it is an important aspect when planning the outdoor area for a few important reasons: The garden lighting provides in the first place more security. In the dark evenings, when nothing can be seen outside, there is the opportunity to observe the garden and prevent any burglaries. In the second place, the garden lighting ensures better orientation in the dark. And last but not least, it creates a cozy atmosphere.

Good privacy for more privacy

A good garden fence is absolutely necessary if you want to feel calm and comfortable in your home outdoor area. He will protect your property and thus provide more security. He will keep the prying eyes and the wind away and thus contribute to a cozy atmosphere. The garden fence can also fulfill a decorative function. On the market different models and designs of wood, metal, stone u.a. offered, which look very stylish and modern and can quickly become the visual highlight in any garden. It’s best to choose a garden fence that best suits your lifestyle and perfectly matches the needs of your family and give yourself plenty of moments of peace and quiet in your privacy!

114 great garden ideas: Transform your outdoor area into a small oasis!

Modern decoration for a stylish garden

Garden on the roof?

Effective lighting for a comfortable ambience

A fountain in the garden can significantly increase the feel-good factor

Small pond in the backyard

Comfortable seat next to the fireplace

Fashion small garden in a modern way

The tulips are very easy-care and resistant, which makes them a great solution for lazy gardeners

Garden Ideas: Designer pieces of furniture for a stylish garden

Garden furniture made of ratan and wood

Give your garden more individuality with natural stone tiles

Wood brings warmth and cosiness to your home garden

Many beautiful flowers in focus

Combine natural stone and wood for a unique, natural flair!

A garden house is very useful. There you can keep your instruments and (in winter) the garden furniture.

Fragrant flowers in the outdoor area

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