12 indoor plants for positive energy at home

Introduce positive energy through indoor plants into the house

In our stressful everyday life, the home is the place for complete relaxation. This should be loaded with positive energy and good feelings. There are plants that help us put positive energy into our homes and spread them there!

Today we want to introduce 12 indoor plants that bring positive energy into the house. It would certainly not be difficult for you to get it as soon as possible …

Jasmine as a houseplant

The jasmine is the holy flower of the Persians. It is believed that having Jasmine at home will strengthen your relationship with your partner. It is interesting that this plant strongly influences the prophetic dreams of the inhabitants. In addition, it is believed that jasmine stimulates the heart chakra.

Indoor plants – rosemary for positive energy

The rosemary is one of the best indoor plants that effectively clean the room air. It is believed that this helps with depression and depression. The rosemary helps to find inner peace and protects the house from negative influences. Many people put a pot of rosemary outside the front door to protect the house from evil forces.

Lilies – More than just positive energy

The lilies help to cleanse the mental and physical level. This houseplant is often put into the bedroom because it creates a soothing atmosphere. The lily symbolizes the birth. It is believed that their heyday is the perfect moment to think about children.

Sage (Salvia)

The sage is perhaps the most mystical garden plant on our list. It is believed that this helps us connect with our consciousness at a higher level. The Indians, for example, evicted evil forces and cleansed negative energy after an unwanted visit by sage smoke.

Houseplants – ivy in hanging basket

The ivy is also one of the best plants for purifying the air at home. According to legends, planted around the front door, the ivy brings happiness and health to the inhabitants. Therefore, in the past there were many houses with ivy creeping on their facades.

Aloe vera cleanses negative energy

You probably already know enough about the use of aloe vera in home cosmetics. A pot of aloe vera can help dispel the negative energy of various, sometimes unwanted visitors from your home.

Indoor plants – basil for emotional power

Except for the mosquito repellent, the basil spreads a pleasant scent and is a wonderful spice. This plant has a positive effect on our emotions. That is why it is recommended to people who are often insecure and hesitant.

Orchid as a popular houseplant

One of the most popular indoor plants currently are the orchids. They are easy to care for and look very beautiful. It has been found that the orchids are considered mandatory plants in the bedroom. It is believed that the orchids promote our energy balance during sleep. In addition, this houseplant is connected to the activation of the Kundalini energy.

Indoor plants – oregano for the kitchen

The oregano in the house is associated with happiness, positive energy and spiritual cleansing. The best place for this plant is the kitchen or the dining room, preferably the dining table, where the whole family gathers and sits together for a long time.

Lavender as house and garden plant

Lavender is a mystical plant that combines with relaxation. At home, this ensures energy balance. Particularly suitable is the lavender for families, where the spouse easily break out. It is believed that the plant can heal and protect.

Rose – a symbol of love

The rose is a universal symbol of love and peace. Therefore, it is said that if you have rose as a potted plant at home, it will bring enough positive energy into the family.

Efeutute (Epipremnum aureum)

After Feng Shui, the Efeutute attracts wealth and happiness to the house. Helps to purify negative energy caused by stress.

Which houseplant would you like to introduce more positive energy into your home?

Houseplants – Place the aloe vera close to the front door

The ivy brings happiness and health to the inhabitants

Indoor plants – The lavender provides energy balance

The lilies create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom

Houseplants – The rosemary helps us to find inner peace

The roses spread peace in the family

Houseplants – The jasmine strengthens the connection to your partner

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