120 ideas on how to design your garden


The garden is the center of the house in the warmer days of summer. Every family spends a lot of time there, talking and enjoying the sunny weather, so it’s important that the outdoor area looks nice and has a pleasant atmosphere. If you are looking for ideas on how to make your garden so that it becomes a real oasis of well-being, then you have come to the right place. In this article we collected 120 cool photos of stylish and modern gardens that you can use as inspiration. We also give you some useful advice on the advantages and disadvantages of different outdoor furniture materials and which plants are easy to care for, making your garden a true professional!

Creating a garden: how to make the garden of your dreams!

After a long day, we just want to leave the stress behind and recharge your batteries. And nowhere can we do that better than in the home garden, where we are surrounded by nature. It is a place to relax and unwind, a place where we can escape from everyday life for a little while and just let the soul dangle and therefore it should of course be beautifully designed. The furniture and decorations as well as the beautiful plants and flowers contribute to the pleasant ambience in the outdoor area and for that reason they should of course be deliberately chosen. Small ponds, green bushes, colorful flowers, natural stone paths, fountains, waterfalls, small trees and comfortable furniture – all these elements are very important to make the garden a little oasis of rest and tranquility!

Design your garden: Choose the right furniture for your garden

In the summer, there is nothing better than having a cup of coffee in the fresh air earlier in the morning or spending time with the family at the latest afternoon. For this reason, of course, a comfortable and inviting seat in the garden is simply indispensable. But selecting the right outdoor furniture is often not easy, as it has to meet many criteria. The outdoor furniture is exposed year-round to the weather conditions such as sun, wind, rain and snow, and they should therefore not only look beautiful, but also be robust and made of weather-resistant materials. Now we tell you what advantages and disadvantages, the various outdoor materials have:

  • Aluminum, plastic and PVC – these materials are rust resistant, lightweight and relatively cheap. They are also easy to clean and can be easily cleaned with a little water and soaps.
  • Steel and iron – the two materials are durable and sturdy, but they need regular care, otherwise they start to rust.
  • rattan – It’s amazing how well the rattan furniture harmonizes with the garden environment, so it’s no wonder they are so popular. However, this material loses its elasticity due to the weather and should therefore be regularly provided with maintenance oil for rattan or rattan varnish.
  • Wood – wood is a wonderful material that is very often used for garden furniture is used. It is very comfortable, does not heat up in the sun and has a special charm. If you opt for outdoor furniture made of this material, you must know that it has to be periodically painted to preserve its beauty for a long time.

Rely on quality and comfort

When choosing the right garden furniture, comfort is a crucial factor. You may want to buy steel or wood furniture because they are more stable and durable. But do not forget that they can be very uncomfortable without soft, comfortable pillows and pads. Avoid too thin, small pillows, but opt ​​for those that are bigger and thicker. A very good choice are the pillows and pads with polyester filling. They dry quickly, reducing the risk of mold and odor. This guarantees that the pillows stay beautiful and comfortable for a long time.

The outdoor furniture is as important as the interior furniture. Do not choose them just for the look or because they are cheap but rely on high quality and good workmanship.

Easy-care garden plants: Less work and a lot of fun!

A garden with many colorful, fragrant flowers and beautiful plants no doubt every one of us would like to have. But in most cases we have neither the time nor the patience to maintain such a garden. Here is a list of easy care garden plants and some tips for proper care:

  • Lavender – Lavender not only smells fantastic, but also looks incredibly pretty thanks to its purple-blue flowers and needs no special care. Find a sunny spot where you plant it, and do not water it until the soil is dry. To help lavender grow well, cut it twice a year – once in spring and once after flowering.
  • Daylily – The Daylily is a beautiful flower that is the perfect choice for lazy gardeners. It can survive a long time dryness and therefore does not require regular watering.
  • Crocus – Crocuses are spring flowers that are easy to care for. Plant them in a sunny place, rich in humus soil and enjoy their beauty!
  • Cranesbill – The Cranesbill can grow well even in a shady spot. Only in the dry season do you need to water it 1-2 times a week to keep it fresh.
  • Azalea azaleas prefer a location in partial shade and an organically enriched, acidic soil. Apart from that, they need little special care.

Create a pleasant atmosphere with some nice decorations

Of course, a beautiful decoration should not be missing in the garden. It is like the salt in the soup and is the last line that will turn your outdoor area into a place of well-being. The possibilities to decorate the garden magnificently are manifold. Fountain made of natural stone, large decorative vases, effective lanterns, pretty statues and others. These are just a few of the options that you can choose from. If you feel like making crafts, you can even make some deco elements yourself. Turn the old bike into a creative planter or turn the unused cans into beautiful lanterns. Your imagination is the limit!

Nice and pleasant to make the garden

Modern garden in minimalist design

Create your little green oasis

Enjoy the sunny days in your magnificently designed garden!

Just sit and relax …

Chinese lanterns as garden decoration

A fountain in the garden ensures a cheerful atmosphere

Flowerpot from old wheelbarrow

Stylish and easy-care outdoor area

Relax in style

Effective path made of natural stone

The homemade has always a very special charm!

DIY flower pots made of rubber boots as Gartenzaundeko

Imagine the garden with imagination

A comfortable seat in the garden is a must

Colorful flowers bring color and atmospheric flair to any outdoor area

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