13 inspiring ideas for garden huts in the backyard

 Inspiring ideas for garden huts in the backyard

In the middle of the horticultural season you will surely need a space for your tools and pots, which is better than a corner in the garage. Or your existing garden shed is so disordered that you have no hope left. We have 13 beautiful examples for you with great ideas for garden huts.

Your hut should be a great eye-catcher in the garden

  1. Your hut should be a great eye-catcher in the garden. This stunning cottage in Augusta, Georgia makes the property even more elegant with its formal style, worn brick and windows. It lies on the edge of the oval garden behind the Vierpass fountain. The custom built cabinets, gravel floors and work station with sink create a dreamed sanctuary for a gardener.

A stunning hut

Cabinets, gravel floor and a workstation with sink

 Use rustic materials that are not too expensive

2. Use rustic materials that are not too expensive. The pretty house is new but was designed to look like a stable. It serves many purposes, including as a garage, but of course as a garden shed. The basket drawers, wooden worktops and brick floor lend a charming antique style. There is enough room for preparing the plants for the garden and a sink for flower decorations.

The pretty house is new but was designed to look like a stable

 There is enough room for the preparation of the plants for the garden

3. Set up with comfortable furniture. In this Shy Rabbit farm in New Hampshire, the new garden hut serves not only to nurture the herb garden, but also as a relaxation space for the homeowner. A comfortable armchair is a great place for reading books and garden magazines.

An interesting exterior

 Many trees

4. When building a new garden hut, use materials that match the landscape. At Langhorne Lodge in New York, the cabin fits the beautiful stone walls. The belonging chicken coop fits to the hut with the wood material.

When building a new garden hut, you will use materials that match the landscape

 A backyard

5. Make it modern. In this backyard in New Jersey, the modern garden shed has cedar cladding, metal and copper elements.

A table, chairs and plants

 A garage

6. Connect the gazebo to the main building. Here, the landscape architects were commissioned. You’ve mastered an axle made of vintage street lamp axles.

Arrange your garage

7. Arrange artfully the crafts, ladder and other. In this property in Berkshires the antique ladders, crafts and wagons are charming. The shelves with terracotta pots bring a neat look to the ambience.

An exterior of a garden hut

8. Take advantage of space from the house or garage. The door allows easy access to the gazebo here. The interior has a clever organizational system.

An open garage door

 A white wooden garden hut

9. Form a craft pattern. The crafts on the right are easy to find in their places with the silhouette pattern.

A wooden garden hut

 A great landscape

 Many plants

10. In this artistic garden, mini wickerwork, a sculpture and a door with a window bring the typical look to the simple hut.

A swimming pool in front of the hut

 A table with flowers

 A white garage

11. The garden hut can also be a greenhouse. This room also works as a greenhouse and sanctuary overlooking the backyard. The greenhouse is decorated as a free space, mixed with interior accents, such as the chandelier.

Many flowers in front of the red hut

12. Consider containers. Do you think that shipping containers can become a garden hut? Here it is used as a haystack, but can also serve as a garden shed.

Inspire yourself from village buildings. Old wood, unfinished walls, beams and slats are suitable for the garden huts.

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