130 garden ideas with stone for more comfort in extended living space

The natural garden prevails among the Trends 2017 in front. More and more important are the comfort and the desire to expand the living space. Logically, stone is one of the most popular materials because it meets all of these criteria. For this reason, it dominates among the current garden ideas, which we present below. But we’ve also included a few more materials that strongly represent current trends in garden design.

Garden path with mosaic patterns – a very original idea

Garden ideas with different natural materials for your perfect relaxation

Expansion of the living space and thus relaxation and comfort in the outdoor area – all this is 2017 in particular. With garden ideas made of stone, you arrive at this destination easily and quickly. The size of the elements is not always of crucial importance here.

Sometimes you can reach the Zen mood through larger boulders. In other cases, they are used as decoration on paths in combination with other natural materials. They can also be used as accents.

Varied use of stones within one and the same project

Shape garden paths with stones

The design of garden paths with stones is a tradition. At the same time, there are many creative ideas with this material that look super modern. So you build a bridge between old and new, nostalgia and innovation. Especially in such concepts, many modern people feel particularly relaxed and comfortable. You can achieve an up-to-date aura through garden ideas with clean lines, geometric and abstract forms.

The creative handling of mosaic patterns is very popular

mosaic pattern

Garden ideas with stone mosaics remain current. Again, depending on the design, they can be modern or conservative. For an innovative appearance we would bet on the monochrome color design.

Garden fence made of stone and other natural materials

Garden fences of stones

The popular garden ideas of stone include the fences. Make them look like a neutral background or a bright accent. With stones you can achieve both. Combining with other materials is useful from both a practical and a decorative point of view.

Pair stone with wood to achieve a wonderful contrast. This shows up in many different dimensions. It could come to an invigorating interaction of cooling and warm, smooth and rough, light and dark.

A particularly stylish DIY project

DIY projects

Finally are Garden ideas with stones as do-it-yourself projects relatively easy to implement. This gives a lot of freedom for your own creativity. In addition, you can achieve a custom-made and upscale garden design with few resources.

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