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25 of the most popular images with interior design ideas in 2013


How to check if a furnishing idea is popular or not. Yes, there are several products that you sell more than the rest, or you study the most popular interior design ideas.

But when asked what you like, many factors play a role in the answer that you may not even be aware of.

But if someone has shared the photo in any way, that’s a sure sign that you’ve liked it.

Based on such criteria, we have selected a group of 25 pictures that have aroused great interest in social networks. These were all published in 2013 and here they are presented to you.

  1. The first furnishing idea is a well-lit bedroom with a sitting area upscale furniture and great wall color.

Pictures with furnishing ideas

2. Then we come to a spa-like bath. It was designed by Ashley Campbell Interior Design and features free-flowing boulders in a lighted cannal, custom made bench and door. The floor and shower are precisely cut travertines. Marble tiles cover the wall behind the concrete vanity.

3. The smart ideas always attract readers. The vertical autumn garden here caused a furor.

On the list of most people ideas for the good organization are at the top

4. No wonder that the cleverly organized storage room is always in the foreground. California Closets has created this completely custom-made piece. There is also a lot of space for the jewelry here.

Here we have another, spa-like bath in the picture

5. It has been improved by Jerusalem Gold Limestone. But most of the attention has attracted the Hangsgrohe rain box, where the water falls from a ceiling, almost 3 square meters.

6. Soft and neutral colors dominate in our kitchen

They are what 75% of people call elements of the ideal kitchen. Here they have been combined with the color of Benjamin Moore’s Timid White OC-39. The back wall is made of real “Beadboard” and the floor of recycled home fir.

7. Wooden carillon and sliding door in a rustic style are also hits of the year 2103

Just like popular kitchens, people seem to be crazy about clean, refined and neutral bathrooms

8. The classic joinery, which is bound here with 15 mm thin ribbons, here represents the WOW factor dar.Das classic Tudor window then adds extra charm.

9th Here you have again a sliding door in a modest style and then a super clever, space-saving decor

Here you can see a facade executed in bold colors, which is then combined with a beautiful white trim

10. Who will not wake up in the morning, walk on the private verandah and enjoy the wonderful view?

11. Wood-clad walls are typical elements in the most common images of bedrooms

The floor in this room was covered with laminate. The contrast it makes with the crisp white walls and the gray accent furniture has made the picture one of the most popular in social networks.

12. This is the perfect place to cuddle up and watch a nice movie

13. Another pure, neutral bedroom that has won the hearts of people

The really popular facilities here are the custom-made washbasin and the clever drawer system. The Duravit toilet is also particularly appealing. It has a concealed cistern with a joiner’s box, white ceramic tiles with black inlays and the Farrow & Ball’s Stony Ground wall painting.

14. A sunny place in a comfortable sofa is enough to win the hearts of most people live or in social networks

15. Functionality is also something that many people strive for

This is exactly what these two spice racks provide. This is a work of Weidmann Remodeling. The company’s experts recall that the high quality materials protect against heat damage.

But the work of the other companies has contributed to the success of this image. By this we mean the custom-made alder wood cabinets from Timberland Cabinets and the Verde Butterfly granite surfaces from the Daltile Mosaic back wall.

They complete the beautiful design image.

16. We all want the best for our children

That’s why this picture is one of the most sought after, that only exists. The wooden frames protrude. But at the same time the system of buckets for lifting heavy objects is an absolute hit!

17. You do not have to think hard to figure out why people like to look at such a picture

One has here a work surface, which represents a wooden plate. It dominates the otherwise very modern ambience and provides warmth, texture and achievement of the WOW factor.

One uses either red wood or wild cherry and both were purchased in Arborica in Marshal, California.

18. Many more people are simply obsessed with space saving

You can see built-in closets, Astromananschluss, Abdampfverbindung and shelves here. There is also a window outside.

19. Atmosphere light and comfortable wicker chairs, as well as pergola surrounded by vineyards.

Such are the different elements of the ideal place for the parties.

20. Here you can see another bedroom with a great wooden wall

But this is not just about saving space. Actually, the users love everything that is related to it.

The wall is made of three different types of wood used and the paint is a customized blend of the Behr Ultra brand.

21. This is about great storage space in a pantry

We all have a lot of items that we need to fix somehow. One manages to keep the objects away from the living room, but the basement and pantry, the “get it off”. To get an order there is already a great success. That’s probably why so many designers are so fascinated with this design.

22. The same applies to the next example, which you look at here. You can easily reach the high placed pieces here

The system features a mix of drawers, cupboards, baskets and shelves and has been artfully and effectively organized in a single system.

23. Pretty is not the word to describe this nursery here

The soft colors, the ideally coordinated fabrics and the playful pieces such as the custom-made lamp with pink rubber balls create an ideal harmonious atmosphere.

The room also gives an insight into the possibilities of professional designers. Interior designer Kristin Peake has worked with her children and clients to customize most furniture.

24. Does this room remind you of a spa?

Yes, that’s why many people have liked this picture and shared it on social networks. The abundant atmosphere comes from the natural pebbles, Dunn-Edwards’ Almond Latte-Velvet DE6143 wall paint and the gigantic Zuma Collection bathtub. Last but not least, the tea tray contributes to the charm of the atmosphere.

25. Made-to-measure furniture created by an interior designer will fill this popular and traditional space

The whole thing evokes a lot of elegance and the style is all the more upscale due to the custom-made polyurethane ceiling.

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