35 green plants pictures – Flowering houseplants

Decorative, easy-care potted plants beautify and refresh any living atmosphere

If you own a city apartment and do not have your own outdoor area with a garden or at least a flowerbed, you can create your own garden at home! Urbio is a durable, magnetic module system that allows you to connect the objects in the room.

There are various containers, containers and flower pots that you can use not only for plant growth, but also serve various purposes. Placed above your office table, these pots are absolutely functional and pragmatic. Bring a bit of nature into the house, especially if you are currently too busy and can not travel or vacation in the countryside. A perfect way to do this is to create a cozy relaxation area and enjoy the freshness and beauty that these plants radiate. Look at our others Green plants pictures to feel and appreciate the breath and the combination of modernism and nature! Have lots of fun with it!

35 green plants pictures

Extendible flowerpots

air plants

Decorative arrangement

Flowerpot in the form of a skull

Robust, discreet materials

Moss as a houseplant in a clay pot

Green plants in the bathroom

Improvised flower pots made of concrete

Artful floor pots

Plastic flower pots of different colors

Minimalist look

Collection of flowerpots

Round soil pots in green

Urban living room furniture

Houseplants refresh the dinette

Green painted flowerpots

Plant containers of various sizes

Upside down hanging plants

Stand for flowerpots

Ceramic flowerpot

Chandelier and planters at the same time

Happy upholstered stools

Round and objective

flower arrangements

Artistic designed pot

Seen from above

Living room with built-in fireplace and TV

Rustic and sturdy arranged

Knitted fabric as reference of this flower pot in the staircase

Hanging plants and herbs

Decorative element for interior design

Cute flowers – peace lily

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