60 great gardening ideas for your kids!


Here are 60 gardening ideas for your kids to help you make their garden magical Spieloase for your children. We have found only the best ideas for them, and most of them you can create yourself. Continue reading!

Gardening ideas: The blackboard

No sidewalk nearby for the summer scribbles? Take a tip from us and create one of many Landscaping Ideas with a backyard chalkboard for the little artist in your life. This is easy to do, with salvaged wood, blackboard paint and a few screws. This project is fast and inexpensive – and represents a renewable canvas for children’s art throughout the summer.

Gartengestaltung Ideas: The Feegarten

Give the fairies a summer house. Create a unique fairy garden , This is a kid-friendly project. This garden craft container is ideal for small outdoor spaces, terraces and roof terraces. This is a fun introduction for kids in the garden and a fairytale garden that stimulates imaginative play and fun as your kids try to find mini treasures and win pixies.

color explosion

Try to create this color blast yourself as an expressive art expression. This is for big and small gardens suitable, and we support this kid-friendly craft and colorful trend.

The sandbox

Bring the beach home. Install a homemade sandpit as in the picture above. The whole project costs around 150 Euros and you can find interesting Youtube videos to understand how to make such a box. It’s easy to create. In addition to the basic shape you can pierce holes for umbrellas and corner benches. Watch a video tutorial to get started.


Test yourself for the flexibility of your children. Look forward to summer with this clever, self-painted version of Twister. All you need is a cardboard stencil, some colorful spray paints and a homemade spinner for one summer full of hilarious twists and turns. Inspire yourself with this extraordinary summer party.

The hiding place

Look at this summer fragrant hiding place! The tipi shaped Fisolen and Wicken is a garden-central for backyard games. Design the frame of your tipi with twigs and rope.

Buy sandbox at Obi

Two more videos on the topic

Idea for a low tree house

Garden design with swing for the whole family

If you do not have a large garden, set up the game zone appropriately

Add a little joy. How do you like this idea?

Homemade toys

Colorful walls in the garden for your children

Flowers for garden design for the children

Sandbox as an idea

And another summer experience

A boat for garden design for the children

A few gardening ideas for the kids are always useful

The gardening ideas – you should be able to watch the play area

A sandbox is always fun

A beautiful swing. Do not your kids dream of such fun?

A beautiful swing with massive wooden legs.

Garden design for children: An exceptional facility

Beautiful gardens for children: a great facility

A beautiful tree house for the kids

Build a mountain of old tires that have colored you prematurely

The trampoline

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