7 easy-care indoor plants that need little light

Every house has places that stand in the dark and the light gets hard there. The dark room corners are then always empty and the whole room looks somehow unfinished. It has been thought to put plants as decoration there, but the light supply is too low and you quickly give up any thought for decoration there. If this is also the case for you, you are in the right place today! We have prepared 7 great and easy-care indoor plants for you that need little light to grow well. These are perfect for such corners.

Easy-care indoor plants that need little light


The bamboo is a plant that is believed to bring good luck. In addition, she needs no special care. It is enough to place three bamboo stalks in a vase with water and to turn them regularly after the light. The bamboo has no problems with being placed in a dark place for a long time


This is a common plant choice for the slightly darker rooms.

The reason for this is that the bromeliad can thrive well even under a fluoridated lamp. It is only important that the room is well moistened and the air is not too cold. Therefore, the bathroom is an appropriate place for bromeliad. We recommend the subspecies Aechmea fasciata, as their flowering lasts the longest.

Basket Marant (Calathea)

If a plant exists that does not like the light and hides from it, that’s the basket marant. The direct sunlight damages the leaves and changes their beautiful pattern. This plant is perfect for the hallway and for the dark living room corner. Just do not forget to moisten frequently, the basket edge does not like dry air.


The mint is a houseplant that needs little light, but this requires a moist soil. This herb can also be grown well in the pot, so you can place it in a kitchen corner. You can always use the mint leaves, whether you want to prepare a calming tea, use it as an ingredient in the dessert or simply to flavor the room.

Bow Hemp (Sansevieria)

The sheet hemp is also known under the name mother-in-law tongue and is a houseplant that is recommended to beginners. This plant is easily bred, is easy to care for and prefers the dark corners of the house. In addition, bow hemp has the ability to convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen at night and therefore it is highly recommended for the bedroom. Just be careful not to over-water the plant.

Spider flower (Cleome spinosa)

Because of their long and down-falling leaves that resemble spider feet, this plant has got its name. But actually, the spider flower is a delicate and decorative plant, which is very easy to care for. It adapts to all room conditions and will even forgive you if you forget to water them. In addition, she does not like the direct sun and therefore is perfect for any dark corner of the room.

The philodendron

The Philodendron is a beautiful plant with heart-shaped leaves, which also needs little light. If you cut them back correctly from above, they will also make plenty of leaves to the side. Only water when the soil is dry.

Other easy-care indoor plants that need little light are z. As the piston thread (Aglaonema), the Schusterpalme (Aspidistra), the Zamie or even lucky spring (Zamioculcas), most vascular pegs (Pteridophyta) and dragon tree species (Dracaena). Choose one or more of these plants and decorate even the darkest corner of your home.

The bow hemp cleans the air at night

The bathroom is a good place for the bromeliad

The dragon tree species is also easy-care indoor plants that need little light

Females are ideal for dark corners

The violin tree also needs little light and care

The green lily is undemanding and needs no direct light

Decorate the dark room with cacti

Which room would you decorate with this plant?

Plant ideas for every room

Many choose the succulents as indoor plants

The single sheet will give each room more freshness

Combine several easy-care indoor plants in a dark room

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