70 fabulous pictures to the front garden design

To have a front yard is definitely an advantage that we should appreciate and benefit from. The front garden design is like a magical garden that your guests should go through before they enter your home. And here comes the amazing idea that you can make possible. Create a stunning landscape with natural materials, pebbles, boulders and a variety of plant species.

Obviously, the alternatives are just endless and unlimited. You can opt for something practical such as a beautiful, green lawn with colorful flowers inside or a mini garden along the footpath. Display your favorite flowers and colors and discover your artistic side. There are many design types that combine colorful plants and flowers in a breathtaking way.

Stand up for something more modern and minimalist, something with clearly defined lines and geometric shapes. It can be simple and striking at the same time and you can use stones, sand and other materials for this purpose. Make your front yard look peculiar and complement the other components of your property. Our attractive pictures to the front yard design help you to make the right decision.

Chic, exuberant pictures to the front garden design

Smoothly furnished front yard

Magnificent garden design

Weatherproof, evergreen plants – suitable for the front yard

Entrance door in royal blue

A front garden that can be exhibited calmly and proudly

Metallic planters full of moss

Big concrete blocks in the front yard

American style

Unique, sophisticated flowers show magnificent colors

Traditional, but very well maintained

Framing the front yard – natural materials and many grasses

Here and there laid stone slabs form the footpath here in the front yard

Interesting arrangement

Proper gardening – incredible shrubs

Concrete constructions

Bright garden design

Ivy in the front yard – dominant plant species

Protective partitions

Sun terrace photographed from above

Pink garden roses on the garden door

Tropical plants in the urban front yard

Gardening is fun, say the gardeners

Large foliage and cute purple flowers

Potted shrubs

Birdhouse arranged on a ladder – rustic decoration idea

Open outdoor area

Maquette of a front yard

Contemporary, minimalist architecture

Symmetrically designed landscape

Variety of flowers and plants

Factual front garden design – indirect lighting

Usual, but well maintained

Former construction – street lamps and ornaments

Dreamlike cottage

Lively garden roses welcome passers-by

Front yard with gravel

Flowerbed in the front yard – red flowers everywhere on the facade

Cozy created environment

Spring flowers look really fresh

How about easy-care plant species in flowerpots?

Massive canopy in the front yard

Only a real gardener can create something like that – Colorful environment

Appropriately arranged landscape

Roof made of vivid flowers like a fairy tale

This exotic retreat will relax your senses as well as possible

Here we see more decorative items than plants in the open front yard

Rock garden – water system in the middle of the front yard

Enjoy the shady surroundings in the front yard

Art grass – grassy ground

Ordinary front yard design

A cheerful atmosphere creates all kinds of flowers here

Something like a labyrinth in the front yard

Sustainable architecture

Open walls – summer house

summer residence

Well-lit outdoor area – stairs and footpath are on either side of the front yard

Pebbles and concrete slabs form the footpath to the entrance here

The autumn leaves serve here as a natural front garden design

Extensive front garden, which has only been planted with grass


A typical oriental house

Water your front yard regularly

Footpath surrounded by grasses

Wide footpath to the entrance

Very compact, small outdoor area, but still very chic

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