91 Garden Paths: How do we build a stone path?


Designing garden paths and constructing stepping stones is a simple, inexpensive way to add charm to your landscape. stone paths Provide a convenient way for pedestrians to walk on the sidewalk or driveway to reach your front door or back of the house.

Consider the architecture of your home if you choose a kind of springboard. If there are bricks or rocks on your exterior walls, bring the same texture and color into the stepping stones. The path shown here was chosen to match the coral shades of the terrace. Adjusting the color or texture of a nearby landscape element gives your path a professional look.

Note: Choose a surface with a texture that does not get slippery when wet, especially if the path is near a pool. And avoid very dark stepping stones that can become too hot for bare feet in the summer.

Design garden paths: Step 1: Clean and fill

Determine the limits of your path and remove the area’s environmentalists to make the garden paths. If you use a herbicide, use it at least two or three days before. Once the crops have disappeared, place 2 inches of sand leveling. Pull a 2 × 4 over the surface of the sand to level it.

Design garden paths: Step 2: Lay the stones

Place the stones in the sand about 6 to 8 inches apart. Keep the surface of the stones well above the sand, and make sure each one is new stone just with the previous one.

Step 3: Flatten the stones

When you control the stones, use a plane to check each surface. If the level is parallel to the house, the bubble should be in the middle, indicating that the stone is at an even level. If the level is perpendicular to your house, you want to see a slightly positive slope. This will allow water to slip from the stones and away from your home. This is especially important when stepping stones be placed near an outside wall.

Step 4: Add a weed barrier

A weed barrier will ensure that your Steinweg remains neat and virtually nondescript for years. Once all the stones are present and leveled properly, place the weed barrier on top. Use secateurs to carefully cut holes for each stone. Keep the barrier down with a few pebbles.

Step 5: Fill in with gravel

For a clean look, the stepping stones surround with small pebbles in a complementary contrasting color. The pebbles should completely cover the weed barrier, but their surface should remain slightly lower than the surface of the stepping stones.

Step 6: Add a border tip

To the shingle To capture and avoid them sliding into the surrounding landscape, you need to add a border top. For a clean, minimalist look, a narrow strip of black metal works very well. For a country house ambience, use brick-shaped paving stones that are coordinated with your step stones. Dig a groove that would allow the edge material to be placed deep enough to prevent it from becoming slippery. The upper part of the border should only be one inch above the pebbles.

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