Beautiful houseplants pictures – so you can decorate your apartment

Indoor Plants Pictures – enjoy our photo gallery!

The role of indoor plants for a healthy indoor climate is undisputed. Potted plants create a lively atmosphere and can turn your home into a green oasis of well-being. That’s a well-known fact. What do you think about it?

Do you also have beautiful houseplants at home? And if not, why? We want to give you the idea that you breathe more life into your living space.

No matter how modern your apartment is furnished, or on the contrary – equipped with retro or vintage furniture, this needs your personal touch and a little freshness. That transforms the house into home.

Do you have beautiful indoor plants in your home?

Consider the houseplants as an important part of the interior design. Living home accessories – these are plants for your home. They play a decorative role and at the same time clean the air in the room.

In short: the maintenance of indoor plants is worthwhile and recommended by us hot.

Various houseplants types on a side table

Express your personal taste and choose beautiful houseplants according to your preferences. Whether flowering or green potted plants, room ferns or room palms – that’s a matter of taste. Usually, easy-care indoor plants are preferred, which we can fully understand. Robust potted plants that need little light and water are among the most popular indoor plants ,

Cacti and succulents are robust and easy to care for

Huge cactus in a wicker basket

Succulents in one Scandinavian furnished ambiance

Cacti need very little care

Similar to the cactus species, the succulents need little light and water

Maiden ferns such as bobblehead and nest fern are also easy to care for and can be arranged in an original way. Turn your house plants into beautiful ones hanging baskets , Below you will find some interesting examples as inspiration.

Hanging ferns

Nest fern and ivy Tute

Hanging basket in the bedroom

Originally attached to the wall

Let the potted plants hang

Also use decorative and original flower pots

Wall and window decoration in the attic room

Variety of plant species

Create a green ambience

Bow hemp is one of the classic indoor plants

Bow hemp or mother-in-law called tongue

Bow hemp is easy to care for, just like the succulents

Creative DIY ideas for hobbyists

do you know her Indoor palm species ?

Young plants for potting

Green flower decoration

Young plant with roots

Increase your favorite room plants

Variety of cactus species

Subtle and stylish desk decoration

The delicious window leaf needs more light

No matter how easy your potted plants are, do not forget to water them regularly

Design your relaxation corner with room green plants

Small green accents everywhere in the living room

Indoor green plants – aloe vera, succulents, cacti, green lilies …

Put your house plants on the windowsill

Is that a huge bow hemp maybe?

Combine large and small potted plants

How do you like these home accessories?

Murals with pictured indoor plants

Wandeko ideas with houseplant plants

Trees in the living room

Think green!

Large window sheet next to the living room armchair

Bright dining room decorated by green potted plants

Grow a lemon tree at home

Large mountain palms in the background and many cactus species

Decorate the living room tables with houseplants of your choice

Create a kind of atmosphere

Arrange your potted plants creatively, but quite simply

Place the potted plants directly on the ground

Welcome your guests with beautiful indoor plants in the hallway

Have you enjoyed these houseplants pictures? What was missing in our picture gallery are representatives of the flowering houseplants , These are of course more demanding and not so easy to look after, but very beautiful and colorful. Complete your plant collection, for example, with a potted rose or flamingo flower.

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