Beautiful indoor plants – the beauty of the Oncidium orchid

Stunning Oncidium Orchid is a beautiful indoor plant

You may have a beautiful orchid collection and would like to enrich it? Today, we want to draw your attention to a beautiful houseplant. The Oncidium Orchid is a houseplant that will surely enchant you with its beautiful flowers.

Beautiful houseplants with radiant foliage

Oncidium is a genus of the orchid family and some of them are even under conservation. This orchid blooms in bright yellows in spring and autumn. But with good care she can give you one more time with her beautiful flowers. The Oncidium orchid is also called “the dancer” in some countries. This nickname comes because of its magnificent flowers and the association with the beautiful women who danced on the balls.

The casting

This plant should be regularly, but in moderation – best every 5 to 7 days once, when the soil begins to dry. Use tap water, never mineral water. Make sure that no water collects around the roots. This can lead to fungal disease. The Oncidium orchid needs a higher humidity. To create these you can spray the plant with a water pump.

The necessary light

The Oncidium plant does not like direct and strong sunlight, but it likes the light. Therefore, place the orchid on a window facing west or east. Ensure a uniform temperature. During the flowering season it can be a bit warmer – around 20 ° C, but under no circumstances should the temperature fall below 10 ° C (not even for one night).

The earth

The necessary soil for Oncidiun is the standard compost for orchids. It is very important to provide good drainage to prevent disease. Fertilization is carried out once a month from spring to autumn. Transplanting takes place in the spring every 1 to 2 years, depending on the need of Oncidium orchids.

The increase

The Oncidium orchid should be propagated at the beginning of spring with the help of cuttings. After blooming, you ensure plant rest. Place the beautiful houseplant in a light and slightly cooler place for a while. Throughout the year, watch out for aphids.

To admire “The Dancer” as a beautiful houseplant

Maintain your Oncidium orchid well

A generous flower-bounty

Introduce color into your home through beautiful indoor plants

Beautiful Houseplants – Another Oncidium species

A real eye-catcher!

Make sure there is enough humidity

A beautiful beauty, right?

Enrich your orchid collection with another beautiful plant

A lovely Oncidium plant to fall in love with

With proper care, you will make your orchid bloom!

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