Beautiful indoor plants – the Vriesea, a “blazing sword” for the home

Get to know the Vriesea as a beautiful houseplant

Today we would like to introduce you to a beautiful plant. Sewing milk the Vriesea! It is a very spectacular plant because of its foliage colors. This is also the reason why many hobby gardeners want to add them to their plant collection.

Beautiful house plants – the Vriesea off of the Seen close

The Vriesea is a plant with many species belonging to the genus Bromeliads. Today, however, there will be talk of the most famous kind. This is also called “flaming sword”. The name was given to the plant because of its inflorescences and also because of the red color, which can be seen from the end of the winter until the beginning of the summer. The flower is clearly through the green leaves to advantage.

This is a low maintenance plant species. It will not cause you any problems if you give it the right operations to grow.

The casting

This is probably the very special part of plant care. This houseplant should be poured from above to allow the water to drip off the leaves. In this way, the water collects in the middle of the rosette. Often spray the plant with water to provide good humidity.


Keep the Vriesea in partial shade. The plant should not be exposed directly to the sun. Ensure a proper room temperature. At a summer temperature between 25 to 26 ° C the Vriesea will feel good. In winter place the plant in a bright and cool place.

The earth

The soil needed for the Vriesea is a mixture of equal parts peat and Laubenerde. A little sand would not hurt the plant either. Fertilize once a month with liquid fertilizer.

Repot and multiply

The young houseplant should be repotted about every 3 years. The proliferation of Vriesea is done with the help of the side shoots, which are located at the base of the rosette form. These are separated in spring from the mother plant and planted in a 12 cm large vessel. The first 3 months, the sprouts are poured with little water.

Now you know everything necessary for the care of the Vrieseas. Enrich your collection and introduce a tropical atmosphere to your home through beautiful indoor plants.

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