Brilliant medlar as a plant idea for hobby gardeners

Brindling medlar (PhotiniafraseriRed Robin)

This very popular plant is native to the eastern part of North America. Meanwhile, it is also common in Europe. It adapts wonderfully to the local climate. The oval leaves of this glossy medlar are first red. Then they slowly turn dark green. They produce fruits, which are often preserved in winter.

Do you know how to care for the loquat?

The plant develops well in middle moist soil. It must not be too wet or too dry. Brilliant Medlar – Photiniafraseri Red Robin feels best in the full sun. However, it can thrive wonderfully in partial shade.

Do not let the plants grow too close together. That would damage her.

Of crucial importance is also the circumcision of the loquat. Without enough space between the leaves many diseases will develop.

Übliche Krankheiten

Most gardeners have problems with mushrooms. They attack the leaves of the plant. The typical symptoms are red, purple and chestnut circles on it. The first thing you need to do about it is to protect the leaves from moisture. So you can avoid the spread of the disease. The sick leaves fall off. This can lead to complete destruction of the plant. They should either remove the dead plants or cover them with straw. So the rest of the plant is not affected.

Distribution of the glossy medlar – PhotiniafraseriRed Robin

Cut out pieces of healthy plants. Do one of the following with these:

  • Put the cutouts in a mixture of perlite and vermiculite. Store these in a sealed bag, placed in a sunny spot;
  • Put the cut parts in a flower pot in the sun;
  • Put the cut out points into the water and then to a sunny window.

Once the plant starts to grow, start pruning. As a result, you will ensure the healthier development of glossy medlar – Photiniafraseri Red Robin.

Consider the magic of leafy foliage colors

A popular hedge plants

The white flower shows in the summer

When the leaves turn green

The older plant leaves show their red color in autumn and winter

This plant is also known as laurel ore

Protect the plant from frost and wind

Because of the red leaf color, the plant is a great Christmas decoration

Secure a view-tight garden fence

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