Build wood raised bed yourself: the most important steps

In addition to stone, metal and plastic, you can also use wood Build the raised bed yourself , That’s one of the Most Popular s options , They are eco-friendly and their use provides a pleasant rural style in the garden. Also in other designs, this material is well registered. Wooden raised beds are also stable. They are pretty easy to do as a do-it-yourself project.

You will only enjoy the benefits of raised wood beds if you do them properly. In the following, we list the most important points that you should consider when building your own.

Wood beds can refine the garden

Build wood raised bed yourself: The necessary materials

As materials for yours DIY project you need wooden posts and wooden boards, oil and wood glaze for the surface treatment. You need pond liner for moisture protection. You also need metal posts that hold the wooden posts. Finally, wire net comes to the bottom surface.

Also, get the appropriate tools to install all of these materials.

The diversity among the woods provides a change in the aesthetics

Determine the size of the wood raised bed

Before you build the wood raised bed yourself, you must determine the size. Especially its width and length. The posts, which subsequently represent the corners, must be cut according to these dimensions.

Also stair and step constructions are possible

Paint and oil the material

Both the posts, as well as the remaining boards must be painted evenly and thoroughly before the compilation. For this you need wood preservation glaze. Without this surface treatment, wood is susceptible to various pests. In addition, the material is quickly damaged by moisture. For the same reason, you must also oil the wooden boards. Decide on this occasion if you preserve the natural color of the wood or stylize it with a different shade.

Herbs and vegetables grow healthier in raised wood beds

Record the framework of construction and erection of the posts

Now you have to make sure that your construction really follows the desired lines. You can mark them with paint on the ground. Alternatively, you can use a guideline. Of course, the usual gardens do not have a straight floor. With a spirit level or other measuring device, you must always check carefully whether the inserted metal post tops are at the same level. In these you must then insert the wooden posts and measure the same again.

Wood beds can be found in different shapes and sizes

Install the boards

The next step is to attach the boards to the posts. First the upper and then the side are installed. For best results, use stainless steel screws. If you attach the side boards, leave a very small gap between them. A few millimeters are enough.

There are many appealing colors

Apply wire mesh and foil to damp

Finally, you need a wire mesh for the floor. This must be attached to the wood walls with a tacker. Finally, you should seal the walls of the raised bed with a pond liner from the inside. To protect against moisture.

Both – the net and the foil must be attached with an electric stapler.

Finally, you need a border that consists of four boards and is attached to the top of the raised bed.

Wooden raised beds can also be installed on sloping terrain

Last step in the wood raised bed DIY: The sealing of the floor area

If we are dealing with a sloping subsoil, then a little bit of space remains in some places below. With stones or other material you can laminate and seal it. A clear presentation of the design of a raised bed made of wood or metal can be found in the following video.

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