Building garden furniture yourself: Trendy ideas for the coming summer!

No matter how cold the weather is outside, we are getting closer to the end of the winter. Already since the first days of spring we can wonderfully use some great garden furniture. So we can already use the first rays of sun to enjoy life out there. If we build some garden furniture ourselves, then the anticipation would be even greater and the time before more productive and meaningful! Would you like something like that? Then we have some ideas for such pieces of furniture for you. We have compiled these from various blogs on the Internet and thus they are representative as well for the current trends ,

These simple garden furniture give the backyard structure and level

Build simple garden furniture from simple pallets

When people hear that they can make garden furniture themselves, they usually imagine something very complicated. Actually, it is sufficient to old objects or euro pallets to use, to grind them neatly and to beautify their surface.

There are so many different colors and shades! You can create something attractive with just a few clicks!

DIY furniture with storage function are also very popular at the present time

Give old furniture new life

The garden is a new opportunity for the furniture! Old benches, small cabinets and tables that may have been found at the flea market, on the street or in the basement can now be used in a new way. With a suitable surface treatment they would be ideal for outdoor use. Recycling is currently very modern and practical at the same time. Benefit as much as possible this year.

With DIY garden furniture you could hide the garbage from the view

Practical furniture for the garden

For some years there is a tendency to consider the garden area as an extension of the inner living area. Gladly you enjoy the life in the summer out there and it functional furniture are very dirngend needed. They minimize the need to go inside for something. In line with this trend, DIY storage space for outdoor use has become very popular. And it’s really uncomplicated to build this kind of garden furniture yourself. Many of our examples show original solutions.

The DIY garden furniture can look so sophisticated and elegant

Different styles?

If you build garden furniture yourself, you have a wide choice in terms of stylistic solutions. Most home-made ideas are industrial or rural, but with the right color and decoration you can also achieve a different effect. This is the case in our example above this text! Does this homemade coffee table for the garden not exude classic elegance? In the following examples you will find many more great examples of different stylistic variations. Take a look at all these and let yourself be inspired for your own garden furniture!

And in the following video you will find ideas for DIY balcony furniture!

Smart solution for gardeners. Another great DIY idea!

You can build very simple garden furniture yourself and decorate it then noble!

A simple light blue painting of DIY furniture can instantly spread Provence charm in the garden

Maybe you prefer the rough industrial style for your garden furniture?

Make something special for your rest by building such garden furniture yourself!

Rural charm and originality. This is thanks to the great green color here!

Thanks to the noble seat cushions, this furniture set has a quite tempting, almost luxurious look

An exotic swing – also as DIY garden furniture feasible

Lounger for the pool – a great DIY furniture idea

DIY garden furniture can also have an oriental look thanks to the matching decoration

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