Building stone raised bed yourself: procedure and other practical tips

Are you looking for a new way to beautify your garden and make it more practical? The raised beds are there a good solution , They can be created from multiple materials. All have different advantages from a practical and aesthetic point of view. In this article, we explain how to build a stone raised bed and give some practical tips.

With raised beds made of stone you create a more upscale appearance and more style in the garden

Build a raised bed of stone yourself – what possibilities are there!

The stone raised beds can be very low or over one meter high. The robust character of the material allows very different shapes. Raised stone beds can take on different oval or other geometric shapes. They can also be grown in stages.

Multifunctional raised beds are also common. They are often combined with seating.

In this backyard the raised bed design corresponds to the style of the remaining constructions

Choose the right stones

If you want to build stone raised beds yourself, there are a few variants available. Natural and sandstone are the most selected. They are a stable and at the same time neutral choice in terms of style. Raised beds made of bricks are also common. Thanks to its eye-catching color, it simply sets accents in the garden.

The construction of a raised bed made of sand or natural stone is a bit simpler. This gives you a rough, rustic effect. Brick makes it easier to achieve an upscale effect.

With a bit of creativity, you can create very interesting stone raised beds

Build high beds made of stone yourself: step by step

Measure everything correctly

The right base is essential for the raised beds of stone. This is the only way to obtain the desired stability over a longer period of time. Just as important is the location. Mark these, as well as the size of the raised bed. For this you can use wooden stems, as well as paint or other means. Put the first ones on the corners of the construction. With a spray, you can then mark the bottom surface, which will be the frame of the construction.

Even at low raised beds, the base is very important

The concrete foundation

If you decide for a higher raised bed, then you definitely need a concrete foundation. This would have to be around 30 cm deep. In width would have to protrude from each side with about 5 cm from the wall.

The soil under the stone wall would have to be excavated until you reach a frost-free depth. This varies from region to region. As a rule, you would have to reach between 70 and 80 cm. It is also a compaction of the underground necessary. For this you need special material.

Mostly gravel gravel or lava are used. These ensure the frost-free character of the foundation. Of course you can also use other material as an alternative. It is important that it fulfills its function well. That means that no water comes through. This could otherwise freeze in winter and affect the stability of the base.

This underlay is also called drainage layer. As a rule, it must also be condensed and this is done by a rüttelplatte , We strongly recommend that you get one for this process.

Once you have finished with this foundation, then it goes on with pouring the concrete layer on. You would have to distribute them evenly.

Natural stone raised bed

Laying the stones

Once you’re done with it, you can start spreading it on the stone rows. The lowest is most important. It has to be straight, because it depends on the stability and alignment of the whole construction.

After laying the first stone layer you should wait a short time until the mortar has hardened. Then you can lay the remaining rows of stones on it.

For the strength between different layers ordinary mortar can not help you. For this you need an ordinary building material adhesive or agent with similar properties.

For the effective work, a plaster cracker can be very helpful, especially for the visible edge of the wall. This allows you to break the individual stones more effectively. We would like to recommend the use of this technique especially for larger projects. Scharriereisen would be another good alternative.

The top row should be sealed with transparent silicone to prevent moisture.

Good DIY project for the backyard


When you build a stone raised bed yourself, you must be precise and careful. The process is not complicated, but inaccuracies could have a very negative impact afterwards.

In terms of style and design, you have many options. The raised beds made of stone are weather-resistant, robust and timeless in appearance. So you will be able to benefit from this project in the long term.

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This raised bed at the same time enriches the appearance of the façade

This raised bed effectively uses the available space

This stone raised bed ensures a Mediterranean look

The stone raised bed was submitted to a bench

The benches were installed here on the stone raised beds

The raised beds frame the veranda in this courtyard at the same time

This exotic corner would be a great accent in any garden

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