Classic modern architecture- 15 examples of nature-friendly building

Classic modern architecture, where tree felling is denied

We can either work for nature or against it. In this context, architects endeavor to find a middle ground: Instead of cutting trees to build houses, the architects integrate the tree into the new building structure.

Deforestation has a significant impact on the environment. Many studies indicate that this has a strong impact on global warming. Massive deforestation disturbs the natural water cycle, eliminating the amount of water in the air and in the soil, reducing the areas of fertile soil and causing the disappearance of biodiversity.

This kindergarten around this tree is not only a great architectural work, but also an educational element

Urbanization is only a small part of the global deforestation of forests on Earth. It’s a psychological attitude – we’re chopping up the trees to build our homes instead of letting them be part of our natural environment. How could we change our habits in life to be more caring for nature?

The following design examples for classical modern architecture show a new tree-human relationship and coexistence. Maybe you have seen more such pictures. It’s good when more people change and improve their lifestyle and nature.

A house directly by the tree can only be unique and irresistible

The natural element is currently present in contemporary architecture

Reinforcing steel and nature Since 2000, the combination is more common

A stairwell built especially around the tree

Today’s architecture creates buildings that refuse tree-shredding

So you can live modern in the forest – a human-tree relationship

Perfectly solved – The tree continues to grow through the wall

It is enough if you let the tree live – that makes your house very unique

Imagination and some technical knowledge bring about such beauties

More and more nature-conscious entrepreneurs attract attention by living plants

This example with the tree in the garage is very exemplary

Another cozy restaurant with a living tree in it

A tree house always works when nature is so close to your heart

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