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Colorful ideas for your garden decor and your garden accessories


Thematic and very cute design ideas for you

The colors in your garden create a really sunny and happy mood. Colorful accents can be added to the Garden furniture Add fabrics and decorations. If you want to feel funny and comfortable all the time, choose attractive chair covers and throw pillows, decorations in bright colors.

Decorate your relaxation corner with beautiful curtains in fresh shades. Hang lanterns and candles in different colors! Plant flowers in small colorful boxes that are exceptionally patterned. Create a striking and remarkable environment, give yourself and your guests a sunny mood!

Colorful ideas for your garden decor and your garden accessories

Weird flower vessels

Purple painted shutters

Pink curtains – low table

Bright colors

Sweetly painted watering cans serve as flower vases

Wooden grates and garden fences support the flowers

Old, worn wooden door painted in cheerful colors

Garden path covered with soft red carpet runners – typical oriental accents and colors

Romantic atmosphere – pink fabrics and hanging lamps

Airy, transparent curtains protect against sunlight

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