Colorful shade plants for your garden

Which shade plants you would like to plant?

The idea of ​​perfect happiness is not the same for all people. Even the ideal picture of one’s own garden is often different. Some people love the sun, stone paths and pools in their outdoor area. Others, on the other hand, want to see a lot of shade and great plants with flowers in different shades.

We would like to help the last group of garden owners with our article. For this purpose, we present some shade plants that would fill the garden with magnificent color joy.


Shadow plants Garden hydrangea are very easy to care for. In addition to watering, they would need to be sprayed with water from time to time. The fertilizer is only occasionally and much direct sunlight they do not need.

Pruning is not very expensive and you do not have to do this more than once a year. Garden hydrangeas grow in many colors, including blue, white and pink.

Cranesbill Geranium cranesbill

Geranium cranesbill form soft-looking carpets with their leaves and delicate little flowers. They are found in different colors, but mostly they are spread in blue, pink and white. They feel in the light shade higher trees in the best hands.

Coral bells

Gardeners, who rely on the monochrome green character of their garden plants, find the purple bells often very great. They have this great, slightly yellowish look. Due to their sculptural character, these shadow plants are also great for marking borders.

There are also some variants in which the purple bell leaves have brown-red colored lines. They give the garden a more rural character.


Among the most popular shade plants include the Funkien. They are found in very different variations in terms of colors, shapes and textures. Their leaves may be, for example, heart-shaped, oval, round, spear-shaped. They are shiny or dull. The nuances are blue, green or gray.


The flowers of the spring herbs are around 7 cm wide and they come in colors such as pink, lavender, purple, red. Especially popular is the so-called New Guinea species, which enriches the garden with its brown-orange appearance.

Japanese grass, Aureola ‘

The Japanese grass Aureola is a shade-loving plant that makes great arcades with its thin leaves. The leaves look very elegant, they are green, with long yellow stripes. When maintained in full sun in cooler climates, they can also turn completely yellow.


The shady plants of the species Coprosma give your garden a unique character with their glossy leaves. They make the beauty of these great, evergreen plants. The new leaves grow first in emerald green and have great yellowish edges.

Brunfelsia pauciflora

Finally, we introduce you today to Brunfelsia pauciflora. These shadow plants impress very strongly by their great conversion ability. They change from purple, to blue to white, and are very charming in their beauty!

The graceful forest lilies

Pink honeysuckle

The fascinating show-horses

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