Coriander plant – aromatic and healthy

So we can successfully plant coriander at home

Passionate gardeners know that: In the autumn many tasks are on the task list. On the one hand, a number of spring varieties already have to be used. Furthermore, now is the time to take care of the green plants in their own conservatory.

There we have to bring in many plants for the winter, which give us more freshness and health during the winter season.

The coriander must not be missing in your kitchen herb collection

In the next few weeks there will be talk of some of them. Would you like to learn how to plant coriander today? This is pretty easy and the benefit of it is certainly very big.

Why is coriander important to us?

Fresh spices and herbal plants such as coriander are especially important for the winter season. Now our immune system is challenged and we need as many beneficial nutrients as we can to stay healthy. The coriander plant offers us many such. These are, for example, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A and K.

For consumption, the whole plant can be processed

Through these ingredients, the coriander plant has a strong effect against viruses, fungi and inflammation.

Grow coriander at home

At this time of year and in our climate, we can only plant coriander at home. This works successfully if you know the appropriate steps.

The coriander seeds can also be sown in a flower pot

A suitable vessel

First you have to choose a suitable vessel. It should be around 45 cm wide and 20-25 cm deep. The coriander plant must not be implemented. For this reason, choose a larger vessel in which the plant can grow tall.

or eaten along

Put in the seeds

Put a drainage layer in the vessel and then fill with sand. You can add some fertilizer as desired. Pour plenty of water on it until the soil gets really moist. Spread the seeds evenly over them and cover them with another layer of soil.

The fragrant sprouts turn into young plants pretty quickly

The coriander plant needs a lot of light

The coriander plant develops best in a bright place where there is plenty of natural light. That’s why you have to place them at the southern window or next to it. If you do everything right, you will see the first germs after 7 to 10 days.

The scent of fresh coriander leaves improves your mood on the spot

The earth should remain moist

The first rule for proper care of coriander plants is that the soil remains moist. It is best to use a pulverizer so that you can distribute the water more evenly.

The seeds of coriander have a calming effect on your digestion

Enjoy the results

As soon as the bars reach 10 to 15 cm, you can pick them. Once a week you can tear off 2-3 leaves of the plant. How to promote growth.

Finally, we would like to tell you an interesting fact about the coriander plant. You should definitely use them in the garden in spring, if you want to attract butterflies there. They love the coriander.

The leaves of the plant refresh your breath

You can garnish the coriander, just like parsley

As a green salad in combination with macadamia nut the enjoyment of the coriander is incomparable

The combination of chilli, ginger, lemon and fresh coriander gives your food an exotic Thai touch

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