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Creative mini garden from broken flower pot


How to make a mini garden of broken flower pot

Have you recently broken some clay plant pots and got annoyed? Do not worry – shards bring luck! Do not throw away a broken flowerpot, but make a beautiful one Mini garden with it and give the old pots of clay a second chance.

The DIY projects that we show you today fascinate with imagination and creativity and will be a great help in crafting. You can with similar variants of one Mini garden from broken flowerpots to yours garden , Courtyard, your staircase or your Decorate the terrace ,

For your magical Mini garden you do not just need potting soil, but succulents , Moss, creeping plants, small trees and small figures, which you will find in the craft shop or in the children’s cabinet. The main idea is that you create a mini-world where everything looks fairy-tale and where the good fairies and elves live. You can also design your own floor garden with a spiral staircase or a rustic one Mini garden with cactuses and fossils. Just let your imagination run wild. We wish you a lot of fun!

A mini forest with lush vegetation and tiny animals

a magical kingdom of elves

Fairytale cottage

Miniature gardens with a small hut

A breath of the primeval times

Farm completely different

A hidden village in the forest

A mini park to admire

Creative garden for your kitchen herbs

Where the elves and the dwarves live

Fantastic mini house with garden

It is also very simple and natural

Imaginatively under the fir trees

Masterful and original

Wonderful creation of succulents, cactus and pebbles

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