Cultivate orchids and admire rich, beautiful flowers at home

Grooming beautiful orchids at home

The orchid is undisputedly one of the most important topics in applied garden design. It is of primary importance to both botanists and hobby gardeners. The orchids are just very popular.

The biggest proof of this is that they symbolize a number of great qualities.

The orchids mean love, beauty, passion and exoticism. With their gorgeous look, they confirm this many times.

The orchids care

If you have doubts about how to best care for the orchid, you should not worry. Widespread is the fun in terms of the Maintain orchids that you have to think like this plant so that you can look after it properly.

But fun aside …

If we leave the fun aside, we will find that there is a lot of that thought involved. In fact, much more than other plants, you have to be able to reproduce the natural conditions here.

The first thing to remember is that the orchids live on other plants, mostly trees. But they are not parasites, so damaging their “hosts” in any way. There are only a few species that develop well on rocks and stones. Depending on which subspecies you have, you should take appropriate care.

The care of Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium Nobile

There are over 25 000 discovered subspecies of orchids. The care is different. As it is understood, you can not put everything in one article. That’s why we decided to concentrate on two main types. We did not choose these arbitrarily. Rather, it is the two subspecies that have established themselves as the most popular in time.

Here are the essential conditions at a glance. If you keep these, the flowers will feel wonderful. They, in turn, will feel great joy in their contemplation.

Good tips for grooming

The care of Dendrobium Nobile and Phalaenopsis Orchid includes:

– Strong, but no direct light. An eastern window would be the most appropriate

– High humidity

– securing air access for the roots; Possibility for circulation between these;

– Alternation of dry periods with those associated with active casting

– A temperature between 10 and 25 degrees

Even more tips on orchids care

In addition to these basic rules, there are also a number of other tips that are associated with the Dendrobium Nobile and Phalaenopsis care. The care for these starts shortly after their purchase and more specifically with the orchid transplanting.

Very often these plants are sold with a plastic transport box full of moss. The full orchid care is thereby disturbed in several ways. On the one hand, the roots do not get fresh air. In addition, these can not dry out well enough.

Take a good look at the roots

Often one has a wrong idea of ​​how the roots of orchids work. Care of the wrong kind follows directly from it. The roots of the orchids are made to suck and breathe water. They do not deprive the earth of its useful substances.

The orchid care needs a pot, through which the water can run fast and well. You also need a saucer that is wide enough to decorate with small pebbles. So the water stays longer and evaporates only slowly and in small quantities.

The repotting of orchid flowers

The orchid repot also includes some specific steps. You should carefully remove them from the pot in which they were purchased. If possible, you should remove the moss from it. Now you would have to cut the rotten parts of the orchids. Use a pair of sterile scissors. Do not worry because the cut parts will regrow shortly thereafter.

After successful orchid repotting, sprinkle the soil with a suitable fertilizer mixture. Finally the plant should be stable but not too close to the earth. It should be emphasized again: you should let the air circulate!

A matching orchid pot

Then we have some tips that are specific to summer and winter. In the hot months you should water your orchids abundantly each week. Once a month you should add more fertilizer to the water. In winter there is rest. You should only water once a month. This keeps your orchid well watered.

We wish you a lot of success with orchid care!

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