DIY europallets flower box: How to build a decorative flower box

Flower boxes made of europallets

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On the 16th of May, the iguanas pass us by and with them the danger of the frosty nights, who are afraid of the sensitive plants on terrace and balcony. Then it’s finally time again, the balcony becomes a thriving oasis. Combine the top balcony plants of this year with a europallets flower box. This guide is also suitable for newbies who are trying for the first time on Euro pallets.

Not only does this guide save you time and effort, it also saves you work material, as you only need a large palette for this guide to create a whole three flower boxes. These decorative boxes can be attached in no time to any standard balcony without additional installation material.

Build europallets flower box yourself

What materials do you need to make europallets flower boxes?

Before you get started, lay out the individual materials and equipment to keep each of the items on hand at the right time. Unnecessary search for the right materials stifles the greatest motivation in the bud.

Take the following materials:

  • a Euro pallet with a minimum length of 2 m,
  • Wooden boards in the length of the respective flower boxes,
  • Screws and angles,
  • a cordless screwdriver,
  • an electric circular saw,
  • Sandpaper,
  • Potting soil,
  • a watering can and water as well
  • Potted flowers.

Flower boxes made of Euro pallets are not only individual and make an astonishing result, but are many times cheaper compared to flower boxes from the trade. Place the Euro pallet on a level surface and free it of possible dirt particles. In the next step, draw the interfaces with pencil and ruler at the given points to achieve a clean and straight cut. Bear in mind that the base of the respective flower box on the two upper wooden slats only finds its support.

Use your creativity!

If this Euro pallet is not available, attach additional wooden slats as a bracket. I have decided not to paint these flower boxes afterwards in color, in order to express the individual character of the old wood.

Step by step make flower boxes made of europallets yourself

  1. Now it is time to cut the flower boxes, put on the electric saw and cut straight edges.
  2. Keep in mind that you are moving the electric saw away from you and wear safety gloves for safety reasons.
  3. The next step is to rub the cut edges with sandpaper to avoid dangerous splinters.

You will not believe it, but our flower boxes are almost finished

  1. Now it is important to seal the lower areas of the flower boxes with the wooden boards and still keep a slight edge open. Thus it does not come to a later congestion of the Gieswassers.
  2. Cut the wooden boards to the length of the respective flower boxes and screw them to the lower area.
  3. Now turn the structure over and install the brackets.
  4. For the flower box, two brackets are recommended, which then find a secure hold on the railing of the balcony.

Plant your europallet flower box

  1. Now it’s all about planting and your creativity with regard to the plants. You will find in any garden center or hardware store the right plants for your balcony area.
  2. Before inserting the plants, slowly and carefully remove the plastic cup.
  3. Grasp the cup with your whole hand and press in several places, so the root area of ​​the plant will gradually loosen.
  4. Under no circumstances pull on the flowers or the trunks, because here threaten to demolish important plant parts.
  5. Now pour the potting soil into the container provided and save the area for the plant.
  6. Put the plant in the planting hole, fill the gap with potting soil and lightly press the roots.
  7. Do not fill the container completely with potting soil, but leave about 2 cm space. So it can not come to a flooding of a flower box.

Gießen wants to be learned: the right care for your balcony plants

  1. Pour the flowers in your planter in the morning or evening hours, as especially at noon, the water evaporates quickly and the plants are no longer available.
  2. Slowly water the plants so that the water does not just run through the box.

The selection of flowers for a europallet flower box is endless. As an alternative to the blooming splendor, there are garden herbs and vine plants with large attractive flowers, such as the bush bean. Particularly simple and undemanding plants in the area of ​​the balcony are:

  • begonias,
  • geraniums,
  • Primroses and
  • Pansies.
  • Ranunculus and
  • Forget-me-nots shine from afar and impress with their large flowers.

The modern classics include lantana, petunia and sweet potatoes. Decorate your balcony box with fragrant herbs and create a noble and extraordinary arrangement in this way.

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