Do it Yourself Ideas for the flower stairs in the garden – build the plant stairs yourself step by step

Your own garden attracts to linger longer, if this has certain eye catchers. It is no secret that home-made garden ideas are becoming increasingly popular. And now, when the plants can be brought outside again in sunny weather, we recommend an inspiring idea: for the coming gardening season we have an interesting project for you: make flower stairs yourself!

Do it yourself Plant staircase in stark yellow

The flower staircase is multifunctional

A floral staircase gives the garden a characteristic appearance. If the flower pots appear together in the garden, they are a great eye-catcher, rather than just individually positioned here and there. On the flower staircase every plant finds its place! Other objects could also be placed on the plant stairs: glasses and bird feeder house, for example, are also included … The flower staircase could save space in a small area as well as fill empty corners on a larger surface.

It is multifunctional! Especially if it is built according to your own preferences and requirements. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to build a plant staircase yourself. We wish you much success!

The flower staircase as exhibition area

The plant stairs vintage frame

Creative ideas for garden decoration

What do you need:

  • old stepladder
  • measuring tape
  • wooden slats
  • bucksaw
  • dragon-fly
  • electric drill
  • wooden screws
  • abrasive paper
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • paint

How do you actually build a flower staircase?

Build the flower staircase step by step

  • measure and cut – measure and mark where the wooden slats should be placed so that they fit into the staircase, opposite the step. Then cut the wooden slats. Thanks to the dragonfly mark the spot on the frame where the wooden slats must lie.

  • insert the support boards, adjust the wooden slats horizontally and screw them onto the frame on both sides. This will provide you with double support.

  • create the shelves – measure and cut four to five wooden slats so you get a slatted shelf. They must extend 20cm outside each step and additionally 3-4cm of excess on either side of the steps. You will later cut this excess so that the flower staircase looks perfect. Arrange the wooden slats so that they are evenly spaced and screw them on both steps.

  • Correct the length of the wooden slats – once secured, use a pen to mark the length of the wooden slats so that they have 20 cm excess at each step.

  • adjust the shelves – cut the excess wood and smoothly grind the cut ends. Position the shelves so that there is enough room for the plants.

  • Dyeing and protecting – Paint the shelves and the ladder in any color and let it dry.

As for the planters themselves, vintage wooden boxes, terracotta flowerpots and galvanized flower tubs are perfect for the floral staircase. You could also consider gravel as a decoration. Voila! So you have a beautiful garden decoration, which makes the mood in the outdoor area cheerful!

Make for a charming garden decoration

Original garden décor brings the outdoor area to a higher level

Functional idea how to arrange the flowerpots in the garden

Creative Rustic Floral Stairs

Through a plant staircase save space on the small balcony

Stylish idea for the interior

Make the garden an oasis of well-being

A flower staircase offers enough space for all plant pots

Paint the plant stairs in color

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