Dog house designs from which you can draw inspiration

Cool dog house designs for your pets

What unites all dogs is your love for your master. But what makes them different is their size. That’s why every dog ​​needs a special house where he can feel comfortable. The modern dog houses are characterized by several conveniences for their residents.

Some designs offer e.g. insulated roof to keep it dry, and a slightly higher floor with legs to keep your pet warmer. The dimensions of the house also vary according to the breed of dog.

Was sagen Sie dazu? Hunde wie ein echtes Ehepaar!

A cottage design with flower box and windows

Most designs are easy to set up. For this reason, you can regularly clean this easily and quickly.

Very simple design in white

Just note how in some cases the dog houses are matched to the house facade! One strives to make everything look harmonious!

The house facades of the two houses are in yellow. Fine, do not you think so?

The dog house designers gave their imagination free rein!

If you have a large yard, you usually position the doghouse there. For the small apartment of your dear pet you could also find in your home, because there are also matching models for the interior. Of course it depends on the space you have. In this article you can draw inspiration for the most appropriate design of your dog house that you need. You will not only find traditional designs in the following examples, but also ones that separate because they have simply failed!

A model for the home. Very cute, right?

Especially inventive, do not you think? Interesting sofa design! Your dog feels like a real family member

Compact design that looks extremely elegant at the same time

This doghouse also has a porch. Cool, yes?

The stairs lead to the second floor

Traditional design

Like a real house!

Design with stones

At the same time it is a dog house and a plant pot

In the staircase built house

Cottage with atypical shape

Dog cottage with blanket

Barrel dog house

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