Easy-care gardens benefit from the magic of beautiful container plants

Design easy-care gardens with container plants

Did you miss the care of your garden in spring? Are you a beginner in gardening or maybe you just do not have time? It is similar to many people. Nevertheless, each of us deserves a great summer garden. However, to do this despite all the limitations, one has to choose one of the options offered by low maintenance gardens.

Flower ear refreshes the exterior in a whimsical way

Mandevilla in flowerpot gives the exterior a fairytale beauty

One possible variant is setting up the yard or terrace with container plants. What do you think about this idea? We looked at some easy-care gardens and found lots of great plants in flowerpots.


Lovely, easy care gardens are also guaranteed by the use of agave plants. It is an enchanting choice, which at the same time provides for exoticism, sculptural charm and a lot of green-blue color magic.

The agave plant is a wonderful garden decoration

Combine agave with other plants in the garden


Yes exactly! Bamboo can also be cultivated in a flower container. Bring some of them from the nearby garden shop and make sure you get exotic and fresh!

Bamboo in the flowerpot beautifies the swimming pool

Make the garden unique

banana tree

How incredible it sounds, there are many easy care gardens even in the local climate, which have banana trees. This is only possible because they can grow well in plant containers. However, it is important that you have a suitable place to put the plants in winter.


Easy care gardens with many great flower containers could also show great nuances. This works especially well through beautiful species such as flower tube (Canna).

The flower ear plant has strange leaves


The Mandevilla species are great climbing plants, which are also used in plant containers in the garden. Also easy care gardens This makes it especially mystical and original.

The Mandevilla gives the garden color and style

Passion Flower

The name of this genus speaks for itself. It brings mood and romance to the outdoors. It also suits easy-to-care gardens in our climate, of course when used in flower containers.

Unusual flower

You can set accents with the passion flower


Sage belongs to the beautiful summery yard. Did you miss planting them? Do not worry! You can also use the sages with the help of plant containers easy care gardens integrate.

Sage in blue flowerpot

By sage sage the garden

Great Flower Sky Flowers (Thunbergia grandiflora)

Yes, that is heavenly beautiful! In plant containers in gardens, some species of acanthus plants grow very well. This includes the species Großblütige Thunbergien, still called sky flowers. You can also use them wonderfully for arcades and Zaungestaltung.

The large-flowered sky flower will make your garden beautiful and interesting

Nightshade (Solanum)

Through the method with the pots you can also integrate the clusters of purple-violet shades in the garden. They are a fabulously beautiful and at the same time easy-care variant.

Tropical silk plant

We are tempted to show you endless garden plants that grow well in containers. But at the same time, we are worried that if you find out what you can grow in flower containers in easy care gardens, you suddenly do not know what to do with them. That’s why we only present you the tropical silk plant. It blooms in great yellow, red and orange colors. You can not have enough of it!

Bring color to the garden

Create an attractive garden with flower containers

Attractive garden design with flowerpots

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