Easy-care indoor plants: The Zamie brings happiness to the house!

This green plant, which has the Latin name Zamioculcas zamiifolia wearing . is the perfect houseplant. The Zamie is suitable for both beginners and experienced hobby gardeners and brings luck to every home.

The Zamie is still known under the name Lucky Feather and Cardboard Paper Palm. This easy-care indoor plant is a relatively young addition to contemporary flora. It was first introduced in 1996. The plant originally came from Africa and thrilled by its dark green, symmetrically growing leaves. The Zamie can reach an enviable height of 1 meter and therefore it is better to provide more space for your home.

Easy-care indoor plants that bring happiness to your own home

The right care

Zamioculcas zamiifolia is known for being one of the most easy-care and durable indoor plants. You can be sure that you have no problems with their breeding and care.

Irrigation: In winter, water the plant when you see the soil is dry.

Irrigation is sufficient once a week in the summer, only on very hot days can you increase the watering to twice. Excessive watering causes the leaves to rot. Use a damp cloth to wipe the leaves off and on. Never spray these.

The conditions for good growth

Light: Place the Zamie in a partially shaded place. She can not tolerate direct sunlight. Shade keeps her out, but not for long. During the winter months, place the plant next to the window and do not allow the room temperature to drop below 12-14 ° C.

Earth: A permeable, loose soil rich in vitamins and nutrients is suitable for the Zamie. Try to prepare a mixture of sand, peat and leaves for this houseplant. Fertilize in spring with cactus fertilizers.

Increase “happiness”

Transplanting and propagating: The transplanting should be done every spring. The propagation can be made by a broken leaf. Also individual feather leaves can simply be stuck in the ground or placed in a glass of water.

Important: Keep the plant away from children and pets, as all its leaves are poisonous.

Bring luck and wealth to your home or office and nurture the Zamie!

Make sure you have well-drained soil

The blossom of the Zamie

An easy-care indoor plant even for beginners

The Zamie is still known under the name Lucky Feather and Cardboard Paper Palm

The Zamie can grow up to 1 meter high

Ensure a moderate irrigation

Shiny green leaves

The cuttings form tubers

Keep away from children and pets

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