Effective pest control in your own garden

The garden is for many people a green oasis of rest from everyday stress. But in the idyll lurk a variety of different pests, which are targeted on flowers, shrubs, flowerbeds and trees. Aphids stunt the plants, moles make the lawn unsightly, snails eat flowers bare.

Although these unwanted guests sometimes perform useful tasks in nature, but they attack even flowers, leaves and buds. That is why more and more gardening enthusiasts are fighting a veritable petty war against aphids, snails, beetles, rats, mice, wasps & Co. – not to mention the weeds that are sprouting the garden from all sides.

With the optimal strategy and the right tools that you get, for example, in the weed killer shop, there is hope in the fight against the pest spirits, which does not always have to resort to the chemical cudgel.

Get rid of snails effectively

Although snails are extremely slow, they pose a serious threat to almost all plants in the garden, as they have an almost insatiable appetite. To get rid of the slimy pests, a combination of different methods is recommended. The nudibranchs, who venture out of cover in the evenings, should be collected with gloves. In addition, traps can be placed in the form of wet sacks where the snails collect during the day.

Rather ineffective is the old home remedy the beer trap, since the stupefying alcohol in the open sometimes quickly flies and the beer with a bit of bad luck attracts even more snails. Effectively eliminates the snail plague with so-called slug pellets, which attracts the animals and transported to enjoy the afterlife. However, it must be ensured that slug pellets are also a dangerous poison for dogs and cats.

Fight the aphids

Aphids especially love spring. In nice, dry weather, the little beasts literally run to their full potential and multiply faster than you can imagine. Aphids have the same appetite for green as snails and are able to suck the last juice of a plant.

A natural remedy for aphids is the use of their natural enemies. These include especially ladybirds and lacewing larvae, which you get in well-stocked retailers (the beetles in the form of eggs), such as the weed killer shop. Ladybugs and lacewing destroy the unwanted lice with pleasure. It is best to settle these beneficial organisms already in the garden before the aphid infestation.

Known home remedies, such as the solution of detergents, are not particularly effective and do not manage to transport all aphids to the afterlife. The alternative is a handle to the chemical club, where so-called systemic pesticides are recommended, which are immediately absorbed and distributed by the plants and thus also catch hidden aphids. In beds with herbs, salad and vegetables, the chemical leg is taboo.

Make down the weevils

Dickmouth weevils are nocturnal beetles that feed primarily on leaves, buds and young shoots, thus seriously harming garden plants. The larvae of the black-eared weevils pose a particular danger as they pupate in the soil at the roots of the plants nibble.

Also against this pest there is a non – chemical control with natural enemies of the beetles. In this case, tiny threadworms (parasitic nematodes) recommend that lay their eggs in the beetle larvae and eat them from the inside. In well-stocked online retailers such as the weed killer shop you get the nematodes in a clay granules that mixed with water (usually 1:50) and sprayed directly onto the ground with the breeding sites.

Classic mouse traps also against voles

No matter whether you find mice sweet or disgusting: The small rodents can cause considerable damage in the garden and multiply explosively. Vole mice like to nibble on tree bark, roots and vegetables. A classic, tried and tested remedy against these pest spirits are good old mousetraps from the (Online) retailers , Carrots and celery are especially recommended as baits. To protect the plant roots so-called root baskets can be used.

Hunt moles out of the garden

You have to be particularly cautious against the moles under protection who can dig up the whole lawn and pile up lots of hills. Although this loosens the ground, but does not like every garden owner. An effective remedy against the Wühler are amazingly mothballs and whey whose exhalations do not like the mole at all. An alternative are the well-stocked (online) retailers available live traps, with which one catches the animals bloodless and then exposes them as far away again.

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