Exceptional houseplants – called heart plant or little darling

The beautiful day of love was yesterday, but today’s theme fits wonderfully as a gift idea. We are talking about extraordinary indoor plants and more precisely about the Hoya kerrii plant, which is still called the heart plant and little darling. Her heart-shaped leaves make her so suitable as a Valentine’s Day present and it is at the same time a different idea than the ordinary roses to give. And here comes everything you should know about breeding.

Exceptional houseplants that bloom aromavoll

The heart plant as an extraordinary houseplant

The official name of the plant is Hoya kerrii. This is a tropical climbing plant, but it is often found in flower shops as a miniature houseplant. It is sold as an implanted leaf in a small pot.

Unfortunately, this mini-plant can hardly develop into a large plant.

The reason for this is the slow growth, which takes several years. Nevertheless, the heart plant is perfect as a decoration for the office table or on the bedside table.

If you are lucky and find a Hoya with several leaves, you will most likely be able to admire its flowering. The white flowers have a delicate, unobtrusive aroma that changes with aging.

Every plant needs the right care

The care

The Hoya kerrii needs no special care. Here are the most important things you should know.

light – The plant is not demanding and needs a relatively constant flow of light to grow. But even in partial shade you can breed them. Avoid full shade only.

irrigation – Since the heart plant is similar to succulents, it can endure for a long time without water. However, do not experiment with it and water as soon as the soil is dry – every 2 to 3 weeks.

temperature – In order to activate the growth of the plant, you should keep a constant room temperature between 18 ° and 27 °. A lower temperature can slow down or even stop growth.

transplant – The earth should not contain rich organic material. The young plants in small pots must be transplanted every 2 or 3 years, in a larger pot. But the pot must not be too big to prevent rot.

Give the plant the appropriate growth conditions

The heart leaves look as if they were made of wax

Common problems in breeding

rot – Excessive watering and moisture can be the main reason that the plant rots. Also too low temperature and frost lead to the same problem.

dry out – This is often a sign of low irrigation. If you are sure to water the plant properly, look at the roots. It could be that they used to get less water and are rotten.

No flowering – The young Hoya plants do not bloom and therefore you should make sure that you have an older plant. If the plant is not well cared for, you can not expect flowers.

Does not grow – The specific thing about the little darling is the slow growth especially in the young Hoya. As we have already mentioned, this could take several years. The only thing that helps here is your patience and love for the Hoya kerrii.

A different idea for Valentine’s Day

Be patient for growth

The blossom of the Hoya kerrii

The plant is still called heart plant and little darling

Choose a sunny place for this beauty

Plant every two to three years

An older Hoya kerrii

Do you also think that this is a beautiful rose substitute as a gift?

Exceptional Houseplants: Bloom is the reward for your patience

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