Exotic Plant Ideas – Gold Trumpet or Purple Bells?

And two more exotic plants

After the first articles in our garden blog this year we missed something … At some point we found out that we have not reported enough on the exotic plants in this year or last year. That’s why we have decided to introduce you to different exotic plant species step by step.

Today it is about the golden trumpet (Allamanda cathartica) and the purple bells (Rhodochiton atrosanguineus).

Exotic plants in sun yellow

  • Special features of the golden trumpet (Allamanda cathartica)

We are dealing here with a beautiful exotic plant. This is an ornamental plant. The home of the golden trumpet is tropical America. Allamanda cathartica grows very fast and in very saturated yellow colors. We must warn you at this point: This plant is very dangerous in all its parts. Special attention is required in the presence of children and animals in the home.

The necessary care

You would have to maintain the golden trumpet in a sunny and warm place, preferably next to a window. She loves the high temperatures and in winter she should not be below 18 degrees. Allamanda cathartica may not be anywhere where it draws heavily.

The heyday of the golden trumpet is between April and November. You have to water them enough at this time. Use filtered water when it comes from the line. The leaves often need to be sprayed to keep them wet. Between December and March, you should water these exotic plants more carefully and more sparingly. Important in this period is only that the earth does not become completely dry.

Plant the gold trumpet in summer

The fertilization should be done in spring and summer by universal means, which are suitable for decorative species. Transplanting must be done annually, preferably in February or March.

Humus, sand or forest soil would be most suitable for the growth of the golden trumpet.

Allamanda cathartica is growing very fast. If the root comes out of the flower pot, these exotic plants should be transplanted immediately.

Purple blocks as an exotic plant

  • Special features of the exotic purple bells (Rhodochiton atrosanguineus)

Rhodochiton atrosanguineus is the Latin name for purple bell, rose dress, for purple bell wine. But it is always about a kind of exotic plants that are decorative and annual. They are from Mexico. The purple bells can reach up to seven meters in height.

An exotic flower basket

The plant is growing very fast. The flowers are colored in red nuances. You can also grow these exotic plants in hanging flower containers, because this is evergreen climber. You need a column and grid to develop it the best.

The exotic purple bells grow best in sunny and partially shaded spots. You must be protected from the wind.

Fertilize properly!

When you prepare the soil and the flower container, you should rely on a good drainage. Fertilization only needs to be done once a week. The casting should be done in measured quantity.

The propagation of this exotic plant is by seeds. You need a not very deep vessel. The plants need a temperature between 15 and 20 degrees. They should be watered every three days. After about 5 months of appropriate care, the plants start to drive flowers.

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