Exotic plants – the chocolate – apple tree for the house and garden

Immerse yourself in the world of exoticism through the chocolate apple tree

Do you fancy some exoticism in our blog? Then stay with us, because we’ll show you the chocolate apple. It’s great exotic plants with even the most amazing fruits growing on them.

The chocolate apple is originally from Mexico and Guatemala.

There he grows outdoors. It is also a related type of pomegranate. In the heart of the fruit you have a soft consistency, which in fact tastes like chocolate pudding.

e xotic plants – How to cultivate the chocolate apple

You could not cultivate the chocolate apple outdoors. Rather, you would need a conservatory or greenhouse. It is not just a delicacy. But in addition to the great taste, you will also find many good substances in this fruit. These are about vitamins and minerals. Phosphorus, calcium, iron contains the fruit. Furthermore, there are four times more vitamin C in this than in the lemons!

That’s the way it is. In some places nature offers such delicious things that are still healthy.

Place the plant in a sunny spot

The chocolate apple has to grow in a sunny spot. Select a southern or western window. However, if for some reason there is not enough light, you can catch up with special lamps. The chocolate apple is delicious and healthy, but requires elaborate care. You would have to water regularly and abundantly. As the tree grows, it would be best to promote the process with flowing fertilizers.

Slow growing plant

The plant is spread by seeds. The chocolate apple grows very slowly in the beginning. You would have to be patient. The first fruits will not be available before the sixth year of the plant.

How to pick and enjoy the fruits of the chocolate apple

You would have to pick the fruits when they are brown and quite soft. They must be kept in the refrigerator for a few days. You can enjoy the chocolate-apple fruits rough or in the form of shakes, pies or sweets. Of course you could also prepare delicious cocktails from it.

Breeding tropical fruits at home

Tall tree

The fruits of inside

Prepare delicious sweets from the fruits

Collect the fruits of your tree

The beginning of the flowering season

Where would you put the plant?

Would you like to try the taste?

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