Flowering houseplants for a magical and fresh fragrance

The Gardenias – beautiful flowering houseplants

Do you know the gardenia well? No? Then today we have the opportunity to present you this plant theoretically and with many pictures. You meet them in 250 different varieties, but we are now talking about the most famous variety, namely the so-called “Jasmine Gardenia”.

The gardenia is a small shrub that is always green. But it blooms very beautiful and has a boisterous aroma. It comes from the Asian continent and especially from today’s Japan, southern China and Vietnam. The leaves are dark green and shiny. The shrub blooms from mid-spring until early summer. The flowers are white in the beginning but over time they become creamy yellow. They are often used in cosmetics and perfumery because of their pleasant and strong aroma.

How to grow a gardenia?

The casting

Do not let the earth dry out. The gardenia should be watered regularly and in accordance with soft water except in winter. She likes the high humidity, but you must not spray her flowers. The best solution for this is to keep the gardenia on a coaster with pebbles. This will fill you with water and in this way you will ensure a longer humidity. When the buds start to turn yellow, it is a signal that the plant is not getting enough water.

The light

It should be light, but do not expose the gardenia to the direct rays of the sun. It is best to place it on a windowsill facing east or west. So you will secure the Gardenia the necessary 4 hours of sunlight per day. The temperature must not be below 15 ° C lower and not 25 ° C exceed. She likes it warm, but not hot. Do not keep the plant in the passage.

The earth

The gardenia prefers an acid soil with good drainage. In a mixture of peat, sand and garden soil, she would feel very well. During flowering (from spring to autumn) it is recommended to strengthen once a month in two weeks with a special fertilizer.

The increase

The propagation in the gardenia is done with the help of root cuttings. This can be done all year round, but it is better if you do that in spring. Then your flowering houseplants will do really well.

Important note: Pay attention to diseases. The most dangerous are the aphids and the gray horse.

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