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We show you the best manufacturers and sellers of fountains in the garden and you can decide for yourself which material is right for your garden. If you have the right style before choosing, you can also choose the right material. Whether stone, granite, plastic or stainless steel, with or without lighting, solar wells or wells with pump – every model has its advantages.

Fountains in the garden: buy great garden fountains

You have a large garden and do not know much about it? Create yourself a wellness oasis with a garden fountain. Garden fountain is already ready to buy and easy to handle, it is easily connected. Soon you can be on your Gartenliege relax and listen to the splashing of the garden fountain. So it can relax great. Even at a garden party your garden fountain will surely arrive well. He will provide a unique atmosphere and provide the good mood meat from charcoal Grill and delicious salads. So the summer will definitely be unique. If the temperatures are much higher than the 30 ° mark, a fountain in the garden does not cool down, but how about a gargoyle. You can mount it and then injects the cool water through the garden. Throw the swimming trunks or the bikini and give yourself a cool break. On you will find a variety of irrigation systems of e.g. Kärcher and of course great garden fountains.

Rocks with silver leaves, fountain with LED lighting € 219.99

‘Beijing’ stainless steel fountain with LED lighting € 249.99

Fountains in the Garden: Garden Fountain “Bucket and Barrel” € 94.99

Garden fountain “Sitting Girl” with LED lighting 59,99 €

Fountain in the garden: four-tiered fountain with lighting € 134.99

Rocks with silver leaves, fountain with LED lighting € 149.99

Tree trunk fountain with LED lighting € 299.99

Obi – First-class garden fountains in attractive design

While garden ponds have long been very popular as hobby and decorative elements, the garden fountains for the decorative design of the garden are now also very much in vogue. The beauty of it is that there is so much design variety that the right products are available for every taste and garden type. In addition to different materials such as granite, marble or high-quality wood, we at OBI garden fountains of various sizes, various shapes and uses. The handsome water features can be integrated into the design of a pond landscape as well as into other areas of the garden, the front garden or the parcel. Even on the balcony can be placed at appropriate place a pretty fountain. Take a look directly into our extensive product range at OBI and convince yourself of the first-class selection of exquisite garden fountains.

Especially beautiful design elements in the rock garden

Of course, you can position your garden fountain in any imaginable garden area. Here your personal taste is in demand and you can live out your individual creativity freely. The fountains with stone look are particularly popular in rock gardens. The trendy combination of various stones, plants and matching water features is particularly attractive and chic – a highlight for every garden as well as every front garden. Incidentally, OBI also supplies stone fountain sets with innovative LED lighting.

The wonderful combination of garden fountain, decoration and seating

In addition to a large number of stone garden fountains, OBI also has water features that are predominantly made of wood and sometimes combine several functions in one product. For example, we offer you water features that can function both as garden fountains and fountain nozzles as well as climbing plants to provide a climbing aid and can serve as additional seating. If you value your garden in a very beautiful way and create the oasis of well-being that you wish for your family. All garden fountains can be conveniently ordered online at OBI. We are happy to deliver your desired products directly to your home.

Fountains in the Garden: Garden Fountain Set Regina 139,99 €

Heissner stone fountain set Neptune Gray 149,99 €

Fountain in the garden: Heissner garden fountain Pistacho with granite LED 299,99 €

Fountain in the garden: Heissner terrace fountain set Saphira LED 199,99 €

Heissner stone fountain set Honey with LED 199,99 €

Fountain in the garden: Heissner Terrace Fountain Set Mocca LED € 149.99

Garden Fountain Set Orange 119,99 €

Garden Fountain Set Las Vegas 129,99 €

Fountains in the garden: garden fountain set Taranto € 149.99

Garden fountain set Vernier 229,99 € – The online shop for garden fountains, fountains and accessories

Your garden fountain shop Germany: current trends and classics

Garden fountains have always inspired humanity. They are an integral part of the garden culture and not infrequently also the heart of domestic retreats. Our garden fountain shop assortment includes natural stone wells, water walls and wall wells, antique fountains and style wells, stainless steel wells, spring wells and boulders. The many different styles, materials and designs of our approximately 600 ornamental fountain models offer you a wide selection and at the same time a wealth of design options. Let yourself be inspired by the attractive designs and latest trends and discover your absolute garden fountain favorites in our garden fountain shop. Of course, you can order all products shown here from home in our shop and have them delivered.

Custom garden fountain: individual and unique

In order to select the appropriate garden fountain, some questions must be clarified in advance. You should also decide whether your future garden fountain should be, for example, an antique fountain or a style fountain, a stainless steel fountain or a spring stone well. But do not worry: we will be pleased to advise you personally and help you to choose the optimal garden fountain for your stylish garden ambience. In addition, we offer you a very special service: With us you can assemble your desired fountain from different elements – whether antique fountain, style fountain, stainless steel fountain, spring well or individual designer fountain. We realize your orders to measure – and complement your dream well on request with selected accessories from our garden fountain shop.

Stainless Steel Source Ball Ø 30cm 139,00 €

V4A stainless steel source column 10x10cm with a height of 40 cm. 199,00 €

Fountains in the garden: Stainless steel spring column V4A 40 / S10 219,00 €

Fountains Marbella 1.295,00 €

Fountains in the garden: Fountain Denia 1.195,00 €

Wall fountain Alhambra 798,00 €

Garden wall fountain Toledo 798,00 €

Garden wall fountain Almeria 868,00 €

Fountains in the garden: garden wall fountain Gerona 868,00 €

Garden wall fountain Retablo 898,00 €

Garden fountains transform gardens into oases of tranquility Otto

There are noises that disturb us in everyday life, and soothing sounds that even have a soothing effect. garden fountains could enrich your everyday life in a pleasant way. Be enchanted by the subtle and constant lapping of the water and transform your garden into an oasis of peace and meditation. So a water feature not only enhances your green space or the terrace – you can also do something good for yourself.

Garden fountain: highlights with a harmonious effect

OTTO offers you a wide variety of garden fountains in various sizes, colors and materials, some of which are also suitable for planting. Shapely fountain borders highlight Deko balls or overturned pitchers. Discover traditional wooden troughs with water pumps, elegant pools with bubbling springs or waterfalls and playful fountains with figures, as well as modern water features with lighting, high ponds and cascades of round ceramic bowls or angular elements. Garden fountains set highlights with harmonious effect.

Garden fountain »Wooden trough round« € 79,99

Complete set: garden fountain »Newcastle« € 99,99

Fountains in the garden: fountain surround »DecoWall Wicker 1« € 149,99

Waterfall »Mamba S-LED« € 319,99

Garden Fountain »Cascade Fountain« € 69,99

Fountains in the garden: Complete set: garden fountain »Vicenza« € 269,99

Set: garden fountain »Larissa« (4 pcs.) € 164,99

Set: garden fountain »Cordoba« (4 pcs.) € 299.99

Fountains in the garden: Complete set: garden fountain »Casale« € 399.99

Set: Garden Fountain »Venezia« (3 pcs.) € 399.99

Create a special feel-good atmosphere with wells

The splashing of the water is invigorating and soothing at the same time. A fountain reminds of bubbling springs in the forest or babbling mountain streams. With the garden fountain and fountain of Dehner, u. a. made of stainless steel, slate or ceramics, bring this pleasant atmosphere home.

Indoor fountain for a nice home

Beautify your home with indoor fountains from our collection. By unusual forms he is at home or in the office of eye-catcher bad. But indoor fountains have not only a decorative, but also a health value: they improve the indoor air, increase the humidity and the splashing of the water has a positive effect on the psyche. Click through our offer of numerous indoor fountains and find one that suits you.

Stylish design with garden fountain

Not only in the cozy living room he is doing well, even in the garden, a fountain is a must-have. Of course, our garden fountains are made exclusively from high quality materials. With their tasteful and distinctive design, they will be an eye-catcher in your garden, just like our indoor fountains. Wells fit well on seats and garden paths, in the front yard or in paved areas, they can be integrated both on water surfaces and in the pebble bed. As a design element in the garden fountains are indispensable.

In addition, we offer a wide range of our offer of indoor fountains and garden fountains Accessories and spare parts at. If you love something special, our products are suitable for light, fog and water technology. Whether you opt for a stainless steel fountain with an elegant overall composition with a characteristic glow, or a granite garden fountain that is particularly popular for its naturalness, a fountain is a real asset to any living and garden setting will feel more comfortable automatically. Let yourself be inspired and beautify your garden or your apartment with a fountain by Dehner.

Dehner granite garden fountain Cascada, Ø 43 x 65 cm € 299.95

Dehner granite garden fountain Bern, Ø 42 x 45 cm € 149.95

Fountain in the garden: Dehner Polyresin garden fountain vase, Ø 46 x 78 cm 169,95 €

Dehner granite garden fountain Vermont, Ø 42 x 83 cm € 229.95

Dehner granite garden fountain Maryland, 60 x 58 x 80 cm € 399.95

Fountain in the garden: Dehner light concrete garden fountain Sydney, Ø 48 x 110 cm 169,95 €

Dehner Bluestone Garden Fountain Chicago, Ø 56 x 72 cm 169,95 €

Dehner Polyresin Garden Fountain Verona, Ø 78 x 75 cm € 279.95

Fountains & Garden Fountains – Let the water features start at Rakuten

A garden offers many possibilities to really live out your own creative ambition. By diverse Plants & seeds , as Garden vegetables and vegetable seeds become Outside facilities to feel good oasis and kitchen garden in one. If you are looking for a real highlight for the garden, you should look for Fountains & Garden Fountains decide. By Fountains & Garden Fountains Each garden receives an original eye-catcher and always offers you a nice place to relax on the Relax couch or the Garden chair , Whether made of light sandstone or smooth soapstone, Fountains & Garden Fountains are always a very special craftsmanship. Also work with a wood paneling Fountains & Garden Fountains always very decorative and fit perfectly in the natural environment of the Trees & shrubs , water Games in the garden have long been a fascination for humans in their history. They were invented in Italy during the Renaissance time. By the end of the Renaissance, at the beginning of the 17th century came the idea Fountains & Garden Fountains as a decorative accessories to be involved in garden design also in other countries of Europe, such as Germany or Spain , At Rakuten you will find many different decoration ideas for your garden, from the garden gnome to the Fountains & Garden Fountains , Take a look around, you will certainly be beautiful Fountains & Garden Fountains Find.


Garden Fountain Water Pipe Waterfall Pitcher Fountain 169,95 €


GARDEN FOUNTAIN, ornamental FOUNTAIN CRUCIFARDS 70 X 83 X 75 CM 219,99 €



GARDEN FOUNTAIN, ornamental FOUNTAIN LION HEAD 50 X 54 X 29 CM € 67.99

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