Fresh, easy-care indoor plants that enhance the interior

Stunning house plants for a cool indoor garden

Nobody should dissuade you from designing an indoor garden yourself is just as fun as arranging a garden in the outdoor area. Lovely houseplants improve the inner environment and are also considered a cool decoration. We insist on fresh ideas.

Today we will be pleased to present you 15 plant species that are easy to care for and will fill your interior with fresh energy.

Let’s get close to the photos together and feel the juicy atmosphere that indoor plants create …

Juicy houseplants – Epipremnum pinnatum (Photos)

Properties: This plant genus has the unique property of purifying the air and absorbing the toxins. In addition, it fits great with every interior.

Care: This houseplant produces stems that grow tall. You will need to cut them from time to time to ensure a healthy look for your plant. Photos needs light and normal temperature. Let the soil dry before watering again.


Properties: This famous plant species has medicinal properties. You probably know that. It grows very tall and needs a lot of space. The lower variety Aloe Vera tolerates less space and sunny atmosphere.

Care: This plant tolerates the normal room temperature and needs sunshine. She loves the dry earth, so you have to take care with watering.

The green lily

Features: This exclusive-looking plant genus creates a visual interest and is still in vogue after many years of popularity. The green lily has many variations and works quite well as a hanging plant.

Care: The green lily thrives in rooms with lots of light. The temperature should be normal.

The ivy

Properties: The ivy radiates elegance and beauty and covers furniture surfaces in a uniquen way. It is amazing how easily this plant gives a new life by cutting only a small stalk.

Care: The ivy like the damp soil and cooler temperature conditions.

The money tree

Features: For the fans of succulents! This plant has thick, juicy leaves. It grows very slowly and can have a very long life.

Care: The plant does not tolerate too much water and normal temperature conditions.

The rubber tree

Features: The rubber tree will be a focal point of the room because it grows very tall. The plant has a strong effect especially because of its beautiful, dark green leaves.

Care: The rubber tree needs to have breaks between the waters. The temperature can vary between 16 – 26 degrees Celsius.


Properties: This beautiful plant creates a tropical look of the room and appears as an eye-catcher and joy to the eye.

Care: In this genus of plants normal temperature and moist soil are asked.

peace lily

Properties: You have probably seen these houseplants in many homes. It is mostly preferred for its beautiful white flowers. An advantage of this is that it thrives very easily.

Care: The peace lily prefers little moisture and light and normal room temperature.


Characteristics: This plant thrives really easy. It grows straight up and has white or yellow edges.

Care: The bow hemp prefers dry air and soil and normal temperature.


Features: Your indoor garden will look stunning with this plant species. It radiates freshness and brings spring into the house.

Care: The birch fig has a very rich variety of varieties, loves the sun and does not need much watering.


Properties: This plant loves its way down. Shelves and side tables are beautifully covered and look very elegant. The leaves of the philodendron have a heart shape and are fascinating.

Care: The plant is very easy to care for, because it tolerates different light levels. The normal room temperature is also asked here.

dwarf pepper

Characteristics: This small plant species fascinates with its beautiful foliage colors and fits perfectly to any interior.

Care: The dwarf pepper loves normal temperature, low light and medium levels of moisture.


Properties: This tropical houseplant will give your room a dramatic look. She is really growing tall. If you prefer them lower, you must plant them in a smaller pot.

Care: The soil should remain fairly dry and the light indirectly.

violin fig

Characteristics: The plant looks beautiful and interesting. She has dark, green leaves and a slender figure.

Care: It thrives in high light and normal temperature. The soil must stay dry between the waters.

We hope you have selected your houseplants and hope you enjoy your indoor garden design!

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