Front garden design ideas – creative design ideas for your exterior

Front yard design ideas – tips and tricks

Many of us have a nice house but have no time for the garden. Unfortunately, our hectic everyday life leaves us little time for ourselves. Mostly we clean the house and garden quickly and come back to cooking and housework. And what if we could make our garden creative and beautiful without spending a lot of money?

! The benefits of having a well maintained forecourt are many. First, you will be more enjoyable for you and your family when they are having coffee outside or when their children want to play outdoors. Further, you will make your friends a better impression, because you will now have a corner of paradise in front of the house. And last but not least, you will take care of the environment, which is a good deed globally. Here are some useful ones Front yard design ideas and tips.

Stylish the forecourt

Make sure that the soil is fresh and constantly make sure to secure new, fresh soil. If your forecourt is in the shade, you need to integrate those types of flowers that can tolerate the shade well. Such plants as camellias, rifle, adder tongue and others. Designate a bullet point as an eye-catcher in the garden. This can be a water feature, stone path with plant border or a comfortable sitting area. Plant trees. In a small garden, you may have enough room for only one tree. Trees in the garden create a feeling of eternity and have a relaxing effect. Make your fence stylish! If you have planted several trees or tall shrubs, you can build a low fence. This will create architectural interest from the outside. And last but not least, you must always remember that the garden needs colorful, juicy flowers. Now take a look at our photos with garden design ideas and do your garden conversion!

Curved walkway

Comfortable atmosphere of the small family house

Attractive front garden with low wooden fence in white

Front yard design ideas – Art Touch

Beautiful architecture – big wooden house

Water feature as eye-catcher

Atrium with minimalist design

Modern front garden design with wooden fence

Garden design with symmetrical design

Various plant species enrich the design

Concrete stepping stones with plant border

White house and concrete wall

Patio design ideas with pebbles

Natural materials are used – earth, natural stones and evergreen plants

Spiral-shaped evergreen trees give a dramatic look

Beautiful yellow plants

Big stones and many trees

Well maintained and organized front yard

Garden entrance pergola in white

Exclusive oasis with water feature

Colored flower garden

Red plants are eyecatching

Inspiring, rich color design

Stylish iron fence and lanterns lighting

Colored exterior

Wealth of plant species

Repetitive colors are a smart trick

Curved walkway with attractive plant border

Inspired by the fall

Great terrace design with a magnificent view

Checkerboard Pattern Flooring

Natural stones and garden decoration

Plant roofing

Decorative tree in the center of the garden

Tropical design ideas

Stepping stones in the lawn

Second garden on the pedestrian street

Integrate annual plants

Concrete slabs, red stones and great lighting

color inspiration

Colorful stones

Hanging plants

L-shaped house

Garden on several levels

Clean lines

Design vertical garden

Perennial plants, bushes and trees


Mix of evergreen plants

Formal front yard

Symmetrical garden

Colored terrace

Feng Shiu front yard

Attractive front yard

Well maintained garden

Decorative surfaces with lighting

Illuminated path

Stairway with colorful plants

Design decorative garden

Beautiful tree and decoration of pebbles

Pergola fence

Several lawns

Stone wall as a screen

Symmetrical garden design

Dazzling colours

Garden design with different flowers

Flowers at the window

Decorative, beautiful corner

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