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Garden and landscaping – magnificent garden design


Plan the perfect garden!

If you want to design your garden, it is necessary to work out an entire plan in advance. Keep the following in mind – do not forget, the garden is the first place your guests will see when they visit. That’s why your garden will look sophisticated and attractive.

Design a symmetrical design, with green areas, footpaths and a garden shed, as well as a tree swing for example .. Consider the flooring very carefully. You can combine wood flooring and pebble footpaths, still make green corners and stone paths.

Gardening and landscaping

Are you interested in the types of plants that can thrive in your garden – flowers, trees and shrubs. How tall they grow, how much space they occupy and when their natural flowering time is, so you always have fresh and aromatic flowers at home.

Note the garden deco flowerpots, boxes, wherever you place them and whether you look more decorative or more practical. Very interesting idea for beautiful design and successful design is to design a bow at the entrance, which is arranged with climbing flowers or red roses. Another interesting idea is to construct a garden shed as a private outdoor recreation area. Choose garden furniture of your choice from rattan, wood or wrought iron, all of which have their own charm.

Indirect floor lighting illuminates the dark nights

To make the garden is a very pleasant and relaxing occupation. Pay attention to these details and the end result will surprise you with artful aesthetics.

Some ideas for garden design and garden decoration for you:

Fresh green areas

Outdoor dining area

Flooring made of wood makes the courtyard appear homely

Lush plant species

Bench with built-in lighting – water systems

Confidential seating just for you

Footpath made of wood panels

Screen with interesting patterns – traditional water system

A place where you can barbecue in summer and receive guests

Your own relaxation corner

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