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Garden design with hardy plants, which originate from the high mountains


Types of Landscaping with alpine plants

There is something in the garden design with small alpine plants, which fascinates me. I immediately realize two very big advantages: on the one hand, it creates a wonderful landscape. In addition, they can prove to be a wonderful solution to difficult zones within your own garden.

As the name itself says, the plants come from alpine zones where they are permanently exposed to direct sunshine and where the rocky soil is depleted of nutrients. They very often require specific growth conditions, which can hardly be achieved in your own garden.

Thankfully, there are many ways to artificially create the ambiance to which you are accustomed. Furthermore, they can sometimes grow better than any other species in places that are low in nutrients and dry. Under certain circumstances, you can create a landscape that takes care of itself.

Such design often represents a mixture. There, alpine and other plants are used together. There are many different mountain types available. There are low-growing perennials, dwarf pine, grass and blessings, succulents, ground vegetation and onion. By combining different textures and colors, as well as placing plants between the rocks, you could achieve a gorgeous garden design that will delight you all year round.

Are you planning an alpine garden?
Garden design with hardy plants

The first rule is to find an area that gets a direct sunshine and where no tall trees cross it. In this case, the fertilization of the plants is of primary importance. The standing water around the plants is of prime importance.

The alpine gardens can vary in type and size. There are also many other ways to achieve something in the field of alpine plants. It can be used to complement the existing garden design. You can also place several containers on a sunny garden.

stone wall

The cracks and cracks in the rocks go well with the alpine gardens. Fill holes with a small amount of soil and plant the plants there. Put pebbles on it.

It is best to put different plants in small pots to make the installation as easy as possible and to improve the effect.

Made to measure facilities

If you have enough space, you can use leftover materials to create alpine gardens. This garden with alpine plants has stone slabs at its ends. Increasing the landscape makes it much easier to design and care will be much simpler.

The imposing size of the stones also serves as an effective background for the plants. One has the impression that one looks at a naturalized mountain landscape.

What better way to reuse paving stones in the garden?

Plants in containers

This is an Arte garden design, which allows a lot of variety and imagination. You can determine the appropriate size and fertilization for each species and set the different plants side by side as you like, as well as play around with the different possible constellations. Gardens with a modern and classic appearance can benefit equally from the contrasts and the variety.

Make sure the pots have water drain holes. Then put a layer of rubble, stoneware, broken pieces of pots and other such stuff. So you will promote the process of fertilization and irrigation. Add some small plants that are covered with pebbles and you have done the job!

Choose the right place

As with everyone plant You need to be aware of the growth rate before choosing the right place to live. Some species that show very rapid growth should be restricted by pots or other methods so as not to disturb the other species.

Now look at this example here. I love the contrast between colored flowers and the clear modern lines of the pot.

Such a design I imagine wonderful on a warm sun terrace

Semprevivum is a very popular succulent style , These can be found in many different shapes, colors and sizes. It is a good choice for mixed plant container designs.

Their growth can be kept under control. Furthermore, you create a carpet effect over the surface of the bucket.

You can mix and match plants of different sizes and colors. You will experience incredible beauty at the arrival of the summer.

green roofs

The alpine plants are also wonderful for the green roofs , This is due to their drought tolerance and small stature. Here are some plants of the species Sedum. They show a wonderful variety in form and color. They make for a great appearance to otherwise very boring appearing surfaces.

Here you can see another wonderful variant for the imitation of the mountain landscape on a relatively small area.

Which of these variants would you like to implement with you?

Pebbles and other species

To be found in the local flower shop

Tender purple flowers

Magnificent eye-catcher in spring

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