Garden design with stones – Create a lush garden

10 simplified steps to landscaping with stones

It is already August and the summer is half over. Do you want the same again this summer Landscaping With stones to expand some figures? Well, if you have not started yet, you now need a very effective method.

This will help you get everything done quickly and will have time to enjoy the results this summer. Here are 10 easy steps to Landscaping With stones ! Hopefully they are the ones for you:

Give the garden a natural look with decorative stones

Realistically estimate the space

Start by drawing a realistic picture of the room. It would also be a relatively small space quite appropriate. Look at it from above and find the right place for the elements. Do not waste time trying to remove items. Instead, try to integrate them into a plan. You save time and have more.

Water, stones, plants … A real paradise …

Distribute the elements in the garden according to priorities

What are your priorities for this summer? Suppose you want to set up a sitting area with sofas, table and chairs. Where should she be? Put with the Landscaping With stones at this point. So you will be completely satisfied with an incomplete plan at the end of the season.

Embellish the garden with decorative stones

Balance between green meadows and stones

Paint the available green areas on your plan. Then look for a balance between these and the stone-covered areas. Half is the absolute maximum at which most people feel comfortable. Usually, the green area should represent 2/3 or more if you put relaxation in the garden as the top priority. Also keep in mind that the two areas can not just be adjacent. A beautiful palm tree in the middle of the stones also looks very good.

Separate different areas in your garden

Choose the suitable stones

The successful one Landscaping With stones is mostly a realized practical idea. As it understands itself, this also affects the size of the stones. Expect that they will decay over time due to external conditions. They become smaller and may even look like sand at some point. That’s why you’d better choose larger stones. The color is also important. For a natural look you usually mix white with silver or chestnut.

Create a garden design to admire

Pebbles in different shades

Prepare the terrain

Do not be afraid of this step! The main thing is to level the soil in the chosen places. As just said, focus on the zone (s) that are a priority for you. Then the task is not so complicated and complicated. Sometimes you have to remove plants from the area and also destroy their roots. Ask the plant business for the resources you want to use for this purpose.

Decorative stones make the garden more attractive

Put the plants as accents

Do you want to put some plants on your pebble area as accents? Then this step from our effective plan of gardening with stones is obligatory for you. Insert the selected new green inhabitants. Often, designers prefer exotic plants such as palm trees for such sites. In this case, one should rather choose a plant container, which could be moved somewhere in the frosty times.

The stones are everywhere …

Cover the area with sand and stones

Next, cover the area you are working with fine sand or with a foundation designed especially for the case. So the stones will be more stable because they do not mix with the earth underneath. To obscure the areas between the stones you can use two types of such. An effective method for the same purpose provides sandy soil.

Time for creativity

This step at the Garden design with stones is very important, but also super enjoyable. Combine different shapes and colors and present them in such a way that they create a great picture as a whole. In the sense of the harmonious appearance we recommend round and oval lines.

Stylish combination of garden elements

Design the garden individually

Stress the sturdy decorative stones with pebbles

Set up and observe

Now we are practically finished. It is time to watch the development carefully. See how the structure of the covering develops. Maybe you have to add more of one kind or another of the stones. Depending on the function, add elements to the furnishings, such as furniture, sculptures or plants.

Original garden idea with stones

Plan the other areas realistically

Once you have finished with the priority areas, you should consider the long-term design with the utmost caution. The Garden design with stones , which should serve the inhabitants for many years, must be planned accordingly and consistently renewed and extended.

Be creative!

Charming garden design with stones

Create stylish exterior

Design a zen garden

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