Garden lighting – cool torches that will illuminate your evenings

Garden lighting with torches

We are in the middle of winter and many regions of the world are dealing with heavy snowfall. Now is the time to shield yourself from everything white and pure at home and find solace in the warm nuances and shades, plush textures and healthy design themes. Right now it’s pretty hard to imagine the starry sky.

But soon spring and summer will melt everything.

Then you will need something again, which will enliven your ambience and fulfill it with stunning charm. Think of many seasons in advance this year.

Outdoor Inspiration: Cool torches that will illuminate your evenings

There is something undeniably comfortable and exhilarating about the flaming flames in the exterior. These are easy to install, cheap and exquisite. They are an absolute must for those who want to achieve a tropical feeling on the outside. Today we have some wonderful inspirations for you, which you will surely fulfill with warmth and chill out mood.

Varied, exotic and fascinating

The torches and the culture associated with them were lent to the Polynesian culture. This happened for the first time in the 30s and 40s of the last century. Soon you could find them in different parts of the world. It is obvious why people like to adopt this beautiful, burning addition to many places in the world.

This is especially true for those who were already on vacation in Hawaii. But this is not just about the wonderful appearance. The torches can also be a great solution for the garden lighting represent. They create an exciting and dreamy atmosphere at the same time. Unlike other solutions such as fairy lights and large fireplaces, you have to do very little. Even as an investment, the torches are much cheaper compared to most other things.

Great solution for the lighting in the exterior

The modern design has many different variations of the torch design. They burn with many different materials. For example, you could use gas or oil. Efforts have also been made to develop the design of the torches so that they seamlessly fit into the contemporary ambience.

Modern torches for the garden

In addition to being able to turn your outdoor area into a magical place, these facilities are also quite practical. They are able to keep some of these annoying insects and mosquitoes at bay (which may sound like a detail, but these can sometimes really ruin your evening).

Create a magical ambience

Under the influence of the beauty of the flame you should not forget that you are at least dealing with fire and therefore you should be concerned about safety. Do not place the torches under a tree or close to the edge of a pergola. Make sure they are very stable before lighting them, and always make them with the help of the appropriate tools.

Actually, you can enjoy the torches already in winter. Sometimes that can be the only thing that cheers up your wintry mood, do not you believe it?

Torches in the garden every season

Light and enliven your outdoor area

Romantic atmosphere in the garden

Torches and hearth

Well thought-out exterior lighting

Torches at the pool

Underwater lights illuminate the water in the pool

After the sunset light the torches

Romantic atmosphere as in the old days

Candles and torches instead of lamps and lights

Lighted torches in the background

A fabulous atmosphere by the pool

Modern architecture with retro elements

Numerous torches illuminate the garden and are reflected in the water

Fire pit in front of the front door

Garden in Asian style

Enjoy the great atmosphere

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