Garden planting with resistant plants

Beautiful and resistant plant ideas for your garden planting

Whether you are planting your first seed in the garden or already an experienced hobby gardener, the sight of the failure of your hard work and garden maintenance is quite unpleasant and of course it does not trigger positive emotions. Therefore, it is better to rely on resilient garden plants that survive almost any extreme weather condition. With such kind of plants You will have a garden full of aroma and colorful colors, without much effort and maintenance.

Today we would like to cite some such resistant garden plants that will make your garden care easier and provide for rich gardening.

The cranesbills are among the most easy-care garden plants

The stork beaks or geraniums (from Greek-Latin geranium) called, are offered in beautiful and different colors. They stay fresh and beautiful even in midsummer with little irrigation. This plant has been a favorite choice of many gardeners for more than a century. The traditional geranium species love the warm weather, can withstand dryness well and offer beautiful hermaphrodite flowers and green leaves.

The stork beaks can also thrive wonderfully as houseplants. They bloom year-round with proper care and sufficient sunlight.

Garden planting with fat hens


The fat hens (Sedum) are among the most varied plant species. After their implantation you only need to water them a little and prune them after flowering. So keep the fat hams in perfect shape. The plants tolerate heat and drought very well, but they can grow reliably even in damp conditions. They are favorite plants of butterflies and bees.

The funkies (Hosta)

The Funkia, also called Lily of the Valley, are among the most easy-care garden plants. They thrive in partially shaded to shady places. Depending on the type and variety, their colors vary from dark green, yellowish green, creamy white to steel blue. Also their height varies depending on the species – from 20 to 80 centimeters. The funerals are long-lived plants and love a humus-rich soil.

The purple bells (Heuchera)

The purple bells present themselves as decorative and robust perennial plants. They grow best in partially shaded locations. Their bell-like flowers all delight in the summer and are a real highlight. These easy-care plants need regular irrigation, but can not tolerate waterlogging.

A beautiful and easy-care garden plant

Wangelie (Weigela)

This beautiful flowering plant is very popular with hobby gardeners for their easy care. Put this plant in a sunny spot and it will bring you rich flowers. The soil should not be too dry. Important in the Wangelie is that sufficient distance to other plants is maintained. An informative video we have found on the Wangelie in the network and like to share this with you.

The stinging nettle (Plectranthus scutellarioides)

Another sturdy plant for the garden is the stinging nettle. This beautiful plant does not impress by flowers, but by their leaves. The stinging nettle is a perennial plant and can reach a height of 30 to 80 centimeters. Since the plant is sensitive to frost, it is better to plant them in a pot and to breed them in the winter as a houseplant. The stinging nettle likes a bright location.

The daylily (Hemerocallis)

This plant is durable, easy to care for and extremely adaptable. It too can be found in different types and colors. For abundant flowering plant the plant in full sun and ensure sufficiently moist soil. The daylily needs a humus rich and well drained garden soil.

Blue fan flower ( Scaevola aemula )

The blue fan flower is more like a hanging plant in the garden or on the balcony a real eye-catcher. Their shoots can be 50 centimeters and longer, which provides a wonderful decorative effect for the balcony and garden. A sunny location ensures a rich flowering. In winter, the plant should be put into the house, as it does not tolerate frost.

Design your garden in a beautiful and effortless way. The garden planting with all the plants enumerated today or even with only one of them will delight your eyes and soul.

Combine fat hens and purple bells

An easy-care garden flower that blooms in different colors

Garden planting – Blue decorative “WOW effect” for balcony and garden

This beautiful plant does not impress by flowers, but by their leaves

The funerals are long-lived plants and love a humus-rich soil

Design the garden with different kinds of fat hens

The bell-like flowers of the purple bells all delight in the summer

The Wangelie needs a lot of sun

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