Garden plants that are easy to care for and effective – the creeping Günsel

Creeping Günsel for quick coverage of the ground surfaces

This variety plant for land cover is often overlooked. But I think she is a wonderful choice. It is ignored by animals like rabbits and very quickly fills the area between the boulders and the larger plants.

It ensures color and texture throughout the year and reduces the weed’s ability to develop.

This plant provides an evergreen carpet in the garden and in spring it is covered by azure veil. Each flower rosette explodes in cut flowers. In addition to the ability to beautify the garden, even one or two plants of this species could provide such a final touch.

Garden plants and pets provide for our oasis of well-being

The grass spreads very fast. But you can remove the unwanted copies with a few quick grips. The roots are not very deep, so you could easily keep your green in the garden house.

However, if you want slow-growing grass instead, which does not spread too quickly, then crawling Günsel is probably not the best choice for you.

Warning: The creeping greens are in many cases very invasive and spread in other areas. See if the population of this plant in your area is not dangerous for the balance of the environment.

Is the Günsel suitable for your garden design?

Botanical name: Ajuga reptans ‘Catlin’s Giant’

Usual name: Crawling Günsel

Origin: Europe

Water needs: Adapts easily to dry and saturated soil surfaces

Light requirements: Part shade is ideal, but the plant would also tolerate full sun in moist soil

Maximum height: up to 16 cm

Information about the plant species

Advantages and tolerances: Attract the bees . but rabbits do not eat the plant. It works well in damp soil and can be used to reduce erosion on slopes.

Best seasons: all year round

When should it be planted: Between spring and autumn

Striking features: Shining dark leaves, blue flowers in spring

How should it be used: You should put this plant in containers. So she will provide a beautiful color all year round. Place them on the edge of your garden and so it would spread on all sides.

Why exactly the Günsel?

Use as ground cover

Newly planted gardens could be a great challenge for the gardeners. The free earth between the mature trees and the bushes can cause a lot of dirt. You can plant growing plants here in certain seasons, until the other main species cover the soil completely. But this actually only helps in the summer. Why not opt ​​for the cheap land cover here – the plant “Creeping Günsel”.

Creeping Günsel among the other garden plants

The large evergreen plants quickly cover the ground and make it difficult for the sun to reach the earth, the light can not penetrate to the ground. Once you want that, you can dilute this plant mass very quickly.

Do you need any garden design ideas?

Control of erosion

The creeping Günsel spreads very quickly thanks also to the trunks with the new plants. The extended root networks avoid that the new plants are destroyed by heavy rain or other storms.

It can be seen as a bonus that when the spring dries, the swaths of brilliant blue flowers still give the illusion of a meandering natural flow.

Garden design with stone slabs and different plant species

Between the paving stones

Do you fancy a regular trim? The creeping Günsel is a plant that provides a great texture and also grows between the paving and stone slabs. She would also tolerate a light footstrap.

Create a great texture in your garden

What else do you have to remember about planting?

– When planting, keep the distance of 50 cm

– It will grow faster in partial shade or moist soil

– The unwanted plants can be removed very easily

– You do not have to give up the planting in certain years, unless you want to achieve a better appearance

How do you find our gardening ideas? Would you like to implement it?

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