Garden walls with climbing plants – make sure you have a nice exterior!

Garden walls with climbing plants – Beautiful ideas for the exterior

Could you imagine a garden and a wall without plants? If the answer is “yes”, then you are absolutely right with this article. We love the so equipped garden walls also. Because they have an incomparably romantic and soothing effect.

You are beautiful to fall in love.

Creating a beautiful outdoor area is important

Honeysuckle ( Lonicera climbing plant)

Common characteristics and different types of climbing plants

You have a large selection of climbing plants that you can attach to your garden wall. What connects all these is the vertical alignment of the bars. They can not stand straight without some support. This happens in every way in a different way. We recommend that you have a good idea of ​​the possibilities.

Clematis in purple on the white garden wall – a nice combination

The climbing lianas, for example, have something like a little mustache. These must be carefully tied to the garden wall. They will do that themselves. They have the ability to bind to the appropriate surface and grow upwards. But what is said here applies only to the climbing lianas. There are also many other types. It is best to find out what you are buying and how you can proceed to cover it garden walls also fits very well. Here are some other, very appropriate styles for your garden walls , These are Clematis, Lonicera (Honeysuckle) and Phaseolus, Ipomea (Morning Glory), Convolvulus (Winds), Thunbergia (Skyflowers), Calystegia (Fencewings) and others. Also consider Clematis, Ampelopsis, Lathyrus (Pea Peas), Cobaea. Some also have fruits and are also very suitable for enjoying in the kitchen.

Winches (Convolvulus climbing plant)

Fence winches (Calystegia climbing plant)

Phaseolus climbing plant

The main rules in the care of the green garden walls

At the end of this article we have some tips that will help you to succeed faster in building the green ones garden walls get. You must choose one or more varieties of plants that exactly meet your needs. Ask yourself: Do you only want to have the green on the garden wall for a while or for a long time and for many years?

The beautiful flowers of the Clematis climbing plant in purple

Morning Glories (Ipomea Climbing Plant)

You also have to prepare the soil that is planted very well. It must be fertilized regularly. Sunny and sheltered, the place must also be. You have to keep a certain distance from the wall. This is associated with the better accumulation of moisture. Furthermore, the basic construction must be very firm. It must withstand all harsh weather conditions that may occur in your area.

If you shape the climbing plants well from the beginning, you will also achieve a generally good look

For annually growing plants, we are dealing with an artificially promoted process. If he succeeds, then they will really be lush and beautiful. The perennial plants must be cut in time with the tips, so that one reaches the appropriate effect.

In the end, we would like to give you the following tip: While you always learn to do it yourself, you also do everything possible to make sure that you plan to do something green garden walls also professionals are involved.

Clematis is popular as a decoration of the garden fence

Lonicera climbing plants in the garden

Great design of the outdoor area

Combination of flowers and trees in the garden

Especially attractive, do not you think?

Beautiful red climbing plants

To design a delightful exterior

Decorate the garden wall

A green garden wall attracts attention

Climbing plants enchant the garden fence

A green garden wall is particularly effective

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