Gardening in February: Prepare the garden for the spring!

“If you want to be happy for an hour, get drunk. If you want to be happy for three days, marry. If you want to be happy for eight days, then kill a pig and give a feast. But if you want to be happy for a lifetime, make a garden. ” From China

It is never too early to prepare our garden for spring. The timing in February is just right to plan your garden paradise in advance and start gardening in February. Actually, a lot still feels like winter, but the first snowbells and others spring flowers are already coming out of the ground. These motivate us to plan and design everything even better. Here are some tips on what you can do in the garden right now, in February.

Even in winter you can take care of the garden

Gardening in February: Repaint the furniture

After the garden furniture was exposed to the strong sun, wind, rain and snow for a long time, they are now paler and cracked. Therefore, it is necessary to care for them once a year , We find the winter months perfect for cleaning and a new dash of furniture, because you have plenty of time to choose the color and make everything much better.

Our advice is to put on a bright color that blends perfectly with the flower colors you want to plant. For this purpose put the garden furniture in the garage, in the basement or under a roof terrace and spice it up anew. They’ll be dry by spring and look nice for the new garden season.

A new garden fence

A new garden fence will definitely change the garden look. To make it more comfortable and protect from prying neighbors, choose a thick fence. Except for a better privacy, this can also provide for a visual garden magnification. All you have to do is hang mirrors on the fence or fix them there. Also other creative ideas are welcome here and depend entirely on your imagination.

Save money by beautifying your old flowerpots

Refresh the flower pots

If your flowerpots are too dirty, peeling off or fading, it’s time to refresh them. This is also a great job that you can do in February and before you replant the pots. But instead the flowerpots just to beautify it with a new coat of paint, you can do it yourself. There are plenty of ideas in the net for this. Create even more color and decorate your garden with beautiful and colorful flower pots. An interesting idea is to spice up the old flower pots with fluorescent paint that glows at night.

Ensure rich harvest and flowers

Flower care in February

Some plants require a pruning in February, like the climbing rose. Others must be freed from dead parts and sow the first summer flowers. Even for the salad fans, it is now time, some vegetables, such as. As carrots, radishes and peas to sow. Check that the fruit trees are well covered, as their bark could burst during the day due to strong sunshine and at night during the night.

The gardening in February also includes the preparation of the soil and the beds. Sift through the compost to later sow more easily and more evenly.

So go outside and do not just do something good for the garden, but also for yourself, because you say that makes gardening healthy !

Decoration ideas with stones can already be implemented

You can also make new flowerpots yourself

Refresh the old garden furniture

It is never too early to prepare our garden for spring

Eliminate dead plant parts

Care for your garden and for yourself

Sow certain vegetables in February

Gardening in February: Protect fruit trees from frost

Some plants should be cut back

The snowbells keep us company during our gardening in February

Despite the snow, you can do a lot for the garden

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