Gardening tips in September: Prepare the plants for the fall

Gardening tips: How to prepare the plants for autumn?

September is a harbinger of autumn. And although we still enjoy the sun and the high temperatures during the day, it gets cooler in the evening and this affects our plants in the home garden. Therefore, it is advisable to take some action on the plants to prepare them for the cooler weather.

Read in the next few lines our gardening tips that you should use in September.

Move the plants into the house

First, take care of the plants that are in your apartment. During the summer, we put all the plant pots on the balcony or bring them out into the garden. The September weather is quite changeable and treacherous. Because of the temperature fluctuations, it is better to put the plants slowly into the house.

This is especially important for delicate garden flowers such as azaleas, gardenia, begonia and citrus fruits such as the lemon. Put into the house, the plants will have a constant temperature and humidity, which reduce the risk of illness.

The flower containers, which were outside in the summer, should be thoroughly cleaned and washed. This prevents the wintering of pests in the pots and the infection of other houseplants.

Care for the houseplants

Gradually reduce the irrigation. This applies in particular to the succulents, because during this period their growth begins to slow down.

Garden tip: You can plant some spring flower bulbs in pots. Daffodil, crocuses, hyacinths and snowdrops make for more colors in the flower boxes at home.

September is suitable for preparing the garden flowers for the vegetative winter season. Remove the dried leaves and flowers and cut off the longer branches. The geranium is one of the species that forms the most root ball. If the plant is older, it is very likely that it smothers in the narrow pot. You can cut off part of the older flower and replace it with young ones.

The earth’s treasures wear out over time and the earth becomes lumpy. Therefore, it would be good to fertilize these with organic substances that are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is also important to remove the upper, older layer of the earth and replace it with new ones.

A tip for vegetable gardeners

If you have a vegetable garden in the yard or on the terrace, September is just the right time to remove the summer herbs and the no-fruit vegetables. In its place you can plant spinach, turnips, carrots, radishes, and some herbs such as coriander and valerian in autumn.

Follow our gardening tips and properly maintain your plants. Make sure you have healthy and beautiful flowering houseplants.

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