Gardening Tips on how to distribute light and shade in the garden

Gardening Tips – Light and shade in garden design

The light plays a very important role in garden design. It is important for the development of garden plants and also for the general visual appearance of your outdoor area. Some plants feel wonderful in bright sunlight and others develop best in partial shade. Most of the time we want to have a bit of everything and achieve a dramatic and diversified effect. In order to create such garden design, we need in-depth knowledge of the brightness in the garden area. That is also the theme of this article.

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General factors

For the right development of your garden plants you need on the one hand a lot of sunlight, but also artificial lighting during the dark time of day. This covers the time in which photosynthesis happens. The strength of artificial lighting is also related to geographical features. There are still deviations regarding the season.

Rest in the shade in good weather

Illuminate the outdoor area with beautiful lights at night

Consider an effective garden lighting for the dark times of day

Sun and shadow loving flowers

As you know, there are sun-loving plants and those who prefer to thrive in the shade. There are many intermediate stages. The knowledge of these features, as well as lists of garden flowers that belong to one group or another, is of fundamental importance for successful garden design.

What flowers in your garden like the sunlight, which ones – not particularly?

Do not neglect the lighting control as a garden factor

Take your time and create a map

We continue in our article with a tip: Take your time and make a plan of your garden. It should include the areas that are sunny or shady or in partial shade. This will help you to properly distribute different plant species. Do not forget that on this plan garden plants have to distribute every season.

Arrange the garden

Tips for creating the garden plan

Now we have some tips for you on how to successfully create this garden plan. First, you have to determine the cardinal directions. Then the duration of the direct sunshine on the different garden areas is important. But your work is not finished yet. Record all the larger trees and shrubs that are already growing outside in your garden. Also garden fences and other objects, which entangle the free light fall, must be present on this plan.

Create shade in the backyard

Arrange the plants properly in the garden area

Control of the brightness

You need this plan to determine where to distribute sun-loving and shade-loving garden flowers and other garden plants. Is not that related to your previous ideas? Do not worry, it is by no means all lost: Through this plan you have the opportunity to use some higher growing plants or trees or other entanglements. They can form other areas in the shade or partial shade. There you will successfully use the plants you want. Alternatively, of course, you have the opportunity to cut or replace some of the taller growing shrubs or trees to create a beautiful sunshine area at your desired location.

Sun-loving and shade-loving plants properly distribute in the garden

The shadow

The character of the shadow, its depth or its shape (for example, whether it is latticed or not) plays a very important role in the character of your garden design. When the shadow falls in the form of a grid, everything seems easier and has many similarities with the natural landscape. Spread flowers in the garden with differently bright and dark leaves and flowers that are different brightly. To achieve a varied effect that changes in accordance with the alternating levels of sun brightness and shadow.

Rest in the shade and under plants

Make out the beautiful leaves

Combine colors in the garden

Decorate the front garden with potted plants

Suitable garden design for a garden party

Garden design ideas for the backyard

Design the outdoor area with varied plants

Illuminate the ridges nicely at night

Select beautiful garden plants that can thrive in your outdoor area

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