Gartengestaltung Ideen – 111 unusual design ideas for your magnificent garden

Although you can find thousands of beautiful ideas for the garden on the Internet, today we want to introduce you to a few fascinating garden design ideas that not only provide a nice outdoor area, but also make the mood there cheerful. It’s about how to set beautiful highligts in the garden. Let’s see if you like something for your own garden design!

Give the imagination in garden design free space!

Great garden design ideas – make the front yard enviable

A beautiful front yard makes the first impression, and a positive one! A well-designed front yard could turn a slightly gloomy-looking house into a fantastic space. There is a huge variety of ideas, how to make the front garden ,

In some design concepts outweigh the flowers, in other gardens, however, trees and bushes provide a fresh look. There are no two gardens that look the same! Make sure your front yard is careful about the details, because that’s your business card!

Framing the front yard in green

Stylish ideas for the front garden design

Unusual gardening ideas – decorating the garden steps

The decoration of the garden staircase is a key factor in the design of the whole garden! A successful staircase decoration makes the outdoor area a much nicer place for walks. They also ensure a pleasant atmosphere and therefore a beautiful well-being!

Create a cozy atmosphere with warm colors

To shape a garden with strong attraction

Decorate the stairs vintage

Beautiful garden design ideas – Different colored flowers combine

Surely you are also impressed that some gardens appear as a color explosion. Some gardeners provide color symmetry in the Landscaping , others rely on a fascinating mix of colors. Regardless of the chosen design concept, a stay in a colorful garden turns into a walk in paradise.

Colorful garden design ensures imaginative hours outdoors!

Add a few sculptures and your garden will impress everyone!

Creative garden design idea with bicycles as a plant container

Bicycles could not only accommodate plants, but also appear as whimsical sculptures in the garden. You could also integrate more than one bike in your garden design. So you captivate the gaze of all neighbors and passers-by.

Here are some ideas:

  • Paint the bike in white. Loaded with colored flowers, it looks great
  • Antique bicycles are a fun and stylish garden design idea

Fancy garden décor with bicycle in vintage style

Charming and so original!

Who said that bicycles can not be plant containers ?!

Give the garden a fresh look

Be creative in the garden design!

Other interesting gardening ideas for the planting of the garden area

Would you like to give your garden a charming look or make it look eclectic? Then take good care of what plant containers you have in your outdoor area. A fancy plant container could take the garden to a higher level. Large, as well as small gardens get an interesting touch. An old chair or garden tools – almost everything could take on the role of an original plant container …

This also has certain advantages:

  • Creative planters are a good solution even for the small garden.
  • You also save money by reusing old items.

Arable farming could also provide a home for plants!

Practically exploit the old tree trunk!

A somewhat untypical flowerbed!

And if that is not creative!

Old chairs as plant containers tie everyone’s attention

Beautiful gardens leave a wordless! …

A bicycle plant container is a real eye-catcher in the garden

Old boots hanging on the garden fence as extravagant flowerpots

It’s not hard to create a vintage flowerpot!

Just think original! Almost everything could be a beautiful planter!

Fixed on a white bike, white boxes full of colorful flowers look gorgeous!

A spectacular garden design idea!

Decorate the garden

The garden decoration leaves a huge space to experiment!

Swipe the bike funny

Several bicycles integrate into the garden design

Decorate the old bicycle with flower baskets

Watch how you combine the colors in the garden!

Romantic garden design with vintage decoration

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